10 Annoying Habits That Can Damage Your Image at Work

Are You Invading Personal Space?

Are You Invading Personal Space?

If you’re the one with the annoying habits, knock it off! It might just help you keep a job you need in this tough job market.

By: Marc Hershon

Today is an especially bad time to get fired, especially for something that’s not directly related to your job. That’s why you should care about simple annoying habits that can damage your image at work. Sure you know those clients or coworkers who drive you crazy. But here’s the rub. Without you being aware of it, you probably make other people nuts, too. See if any of the following sounds familiar. If you’re the one doing it . . . knock it off! It might just help you keep a job you need in this tough job market.

Annoyance Factor: 1
Never has a pen. Doesn’t read the memos, ignores the agenda. He ends up having to borrow things just to get through the meeting.

Annoyance Factor: 2
Eats constantly. The chewing and lip smacking can be heard through the cubes. Worst of all, Cud eats right through face-to-face conversations.

Bad Comedian
Annoyance Factor: 3
Never told a joke he didn’t like. Laugh and you’ll never be rid of him.

Play by Play
Annoyance Factor: 4
Whether he’s off to lunch or refilling the toner, you can count on this amateur broadcaster to announce his every mind-numbing move.

Annoyance Factor: 5
Helps himself to other people’s stuff without asking. Never brings anything back. Never has anything worth taking in return.

Buzz Saw
Annoyance Factor: 6
Talks in jargon, catchphrases and buzzwords. His true meaning is completely clouded by his swarm of slang.

Annoyance Factor: 7
Companion to the Bad Comedian. Laughs at anything and everything. Including things that aren’t meant to be funny.

Yackety Yak
Annoyance Factor: 8
Never shuts up, his chatter spreading like a virus, ratcheting up the office sound level.

Space Invader
Annoyance Factor: 9
No concept of personal space or respect for privacy. Crushes in close enough to smother you . . . or be smothered by you.

Sound FX
Annoyance Factor: 10
The Clicker. The Slurper. The Chair Squeaker. These noisemaking clods are everywhere, oblivious to the distraction they wreak on everyone around them.

©2009 Marc Hershon, coauthor of I Hate People!: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job

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