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20 Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

For young entrepreneurs, nowadays the sky is the limit. Discipline, self-motivation and hard work are some of the key qualities to master if you want your business idea to succeed.

Entrepreneurship has taken a new form in the past couple of decades. Modern technology, the widespread use of the internet, and gadgets galore have made it possible for anyone to come up with a business idea and try it for themselves be it online or offline.

For young entrepreneurs, nowadays the sky is the limit. Discipline, self-motivation and hard work are some of the key qualities to master if you want your business idea to succeed. Of course, you also need a clear business plan and the ability to make tough decisions. Here is a list of 20 business ideas that will spark your creativity and help you get the ball rolling.

1. YouTube Channel
More and more users are turning to YouTube for entertainment, fitness workouts, vegan recipes, DIY project instructions, and essay writing guidelines. If you master a subject or if you like entertaining people, you can start your own business via a YouTube channel and reach an audience of thousands all over the world.

2. Dog Walking or Pet Sitting
If you’re good with dogs, cats, and other animals, pet sitting is an easy way to start earning money while building this part-time job into a business. You can start slow, by offering your services to friends and family, and then branch out by sharing your business cards around the neighbourhood or advertising on Facebook.

3. Social Media Marketing
Young aspiring entrepreneurs with a gift for ad writing might thrive in social media marketing. If you enjoy spending time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can use your knowledge to help businesses gain more followers and convert leads. Start small by offering your skills to local shops that are not using these platforms and grow your portfolio steadily.

4. Handyman or Builder Work
A handyman business offers services or help for a wide variety of jobs and tasks. If you like to roll up your sleeves and work on DIYs, you fit the bill for this business idea. As with anything else, you will have to start small and take up jobs like hanging a painting or building Ikea furniture, but you can increasingly start working on bigger projects like building a garden room or retiling floors.

5. Yoga Teacher or Personal Trainer
Fitness specialists can put their skills to work in different environments. As a beginner entrepreneur with a passion for health and fitness, you can offer personal sessions at the gym, at your client’s house or online.

6. Freelance Content Writer or Ghost Writer
Online content is in high demand and finding writing gigs is easy if you’re a hard worker who can meet strict deadlines. Building an impressive portfolio might take a while, but it will pay off in the end. You can set up your own content writing business and employ other writers as your clientele grows and demand increases.

7. Makeup or Hairstyle Services at Home
Consider opening a traveling salon if you aspire to become a makeup artist or hairstylist. There are many people who prefer to receive these services in the comfort of their own house rather than going out to a salon. Excellent services will result in loyal, returning customers. You can support your new business with a Facebook page in order to showcase your work and gain new clients.

8. Home-Based Tutor
Your knowledge of math, literature, foreign languages, programming or music can be transformed into a business and earn you good money. You can provide your services to colleagues and friends who need extra help with homework or assignments. You can also advertise your services on Craigslist or offer online tuition over Skype.

9. Errand Services
To start a custom errand business, you will have to target busy people who are willing to pay for convenience, stay at home moms who can’t leave their kids or elders who might not be able to leave their house. You can advertise your services around the neighbourhood, in the local newspaper or by distributing flyers in your neighbours’ mail boxes.

10. Handmade Accessories, Gifts or Décor Objects
Young entrepreneurs with a creative streak and a keen eye for details can start a handmade accessories or gifts business from the comfort of their own home. Platforms like Etsy, EBay, and Facebook make it easy to display your works of art and sell them. To hit the ground running with this business idea, you will also need photography and marketing skills.

11. Car Washing
This might seem like an old-fashioned business idea but if you consider it carefully, you will gauge its potential. Most families have at least one car. Take a quick look around your neighbourhood and you’ll see for yourself that all parking spaces are taken. Most car owners dread going to a car wash and getting their vehicle cleaned. This is where you come in, with five-star car washing services delivered anytime at home.

12. Reselling Thrifted Items
Fashionistas who know how much every label out there is worth need only make a few trips to the thrift shop to create an inventory for an online vintage shop. This business idea requires time, effort, and a significant financial investment. If you’re not truly passionate about clothes, fabrics, patterns, and trends, you might want to move to the next idea.

13. Wedding Photographer
Getting into the photography business can be hard without proper equipment or an impressive portfolio. However, if you like snapping photos and spending hours playing around in Photoshop, there are some things you can start doing right now to build a career as a wedding photographer. Offer your free services to seasoned photographers. Tag along as an assistant and reap the benefits. Not only will you learn dozens of tips and tricks, you will also build your own portfolio.

14. Baby Sitting
If you like reading bedtime stories, helping kids with homework, and giving moms a hand around the house, you might want to consider starting a baby-sitting business. Depending on your availability, you can start with one or two clients. As more work starts coming in, you will be able to bring in a partner or an employee.

15. Handmade Cosmetics or Skin Care Products
Knowing your way around oils, butters, vitamins, extracts, gel fragrances, and other active ingredients isn’t easy! Those who enjoy concocting their own cosmetics or facial care products at home might want to take their passion to the next level. More and more customers are becoming interested in gentle, chemical-free products and you can take advantage of the trend by creating and selling your products.

16. Cleaning Services
Providing families with weekly or bi-monthly cleaning services can make for a steady income and can flourish into a prosperous business. To make your cleaning services stand out from the crowd, make sure to go the extra mile and establish a personal connection with each customer.

17. Personal Shopper
Turn your knack for fashion trends into a rewarding business by offering personal shopping assistant services. This implies helping people choose the best items for their needs and preferences. The items can range from clothes, shoes, and jewellery to furniture and appliances.

18. Event Planner
Organized and disciplined young entrepreneurs with unlimited imagination can thrive as event planners. Daily activities involve researching venues, booking bands, making invitations, talking to caterers, and ensuring everything goes smoothly according to plan.

19. Floral Designer
If you like the idea of creating gorgeous bouquets and combining different plants in a harmonious way all day long, you could start a floral design business. Your services can be used for engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and much more.

20. Tourist Guide
Are you a fine connoisseur when it comes to the famous spots and history of your city? If you like talking to new people all the time, telling stories and explaining architectural currents, you can become a tourist guide. Advertising your services on the internet is easy, especially with Airbnb’s latest Experiences service that gives you access to a wide audience, eager to visit your city under your guidance.