CES Las Vegas

2015 CES International Highlights

Although, there were many interesting exhibits at the 2015 CES, I visited only areas that might interest baby-boomer women.

From the many interesting exhibits at the 2015 CES, I selected the following products for my review:


If you use earphones to listen to music or podcasts while on the move, this product will interest you. I tested them and was surprised to learn that I could hold a normal conversation with the representative while listening to music. The design is different in that they don’t actually fit into the ear canal but conform to your ears and sit comfortably in place even after hours of use. The XFit System keeps earphones in place even during invigorating runs and strenuous gym workouts. The cables are non-tangling and their length is suitable for a variety of sporting activities. Key surfaces of the earphones are moisture resistant.

For more information: http://www.auria.com/categories/Earphones/1/1


You can now get immediate access to doctors 24/7 by video or phone. A nationwide network of board-certified doctors and licensed caring therapists is available to assist you with non-emergency medical conditions. If a prescription is required, the doctor instantly sends it to your pharmacy. You can download a mobile App which can be a benefit if you are on the road.

For more information: https://mdlive.com/


The sonic 3000 is elegant, slim and lightweight in design. Its powerful 31,000 sonic pulses per minute help remove plaque and tartar. It has three brush head designs made of Dupont bristles and the rechargeable batteries hold a 30 day charge-life. With world wide voltage you can take it with you on your travels around the world.

For more information: http://www.kyoui.com/#!products/c1yws


If you drink alcoholic beverages, you’ll know that there is a cut-off time that you need to consider if you plan to get behind the wheel of your vehicle. The consequences of driving while impaired are extremely severe. Not only are you flirting with the possibility of losing your driver’s license and a big fine but more importantly, you might end someone’s life, including your own. The display screen on this personal Breath Alcohol Tester quickly reveals if your alcohol level is over the maximum limit. No more guessing if you’re OK to drive.

For more information: http://mydrivesafe.com/pages/breathalyzers


This Food Sensor provides objective evidence-based information on thousands of global food ingredients and their impact on health. You scan your food with a spectrometer, data analysis takes place and the data is sent to your smartphone. It identifies calories, macronutrients, ingredients, chemicals and allergens in food. It tracks calorie and carbohydrate intake and suggests food sensitivities.

For more information: http://tellspec.com/


This company specializes in hearing solutions. Their products include amplified phones, alarm clocks, listening devices and signaling systems. The amplified telephones feature large displays and big buttons, while the range of their clocks include a Super Shaker™ bed vibrator to wake you up on time. In their product line is a range of signaling devices for doorbells, telephones and other communications to keep you connected.

For more information: http://www.sonicalert.com/Default.asp


Most of us deal with Passwords everyday. We either make them so simple that hackers can steal our personal information in a matter of seconds or so complicated that we forget them. This company offers a device that reads your fingerprint allowing you access to all of your passwords. A further security step which is a tapping sound, confirms your identity. If you lose the device, the company is able to replace it with a unit that contains all of your previous passwords. No more memorizing weird rows of letters and digits which according to experts has been the best way to stay secure.

For more information: http://idkey.com/

The Rhythm Touch™

This is an electric stimulation acu-therapy treatment used by most physical therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. They claim that it is the most effective form of tension relief used by doctors for over 40 years. The low frequency acu-therapy will help relieve your body of tension and stiffness by combining the principles of massage, electricity, and muscle stimulation. It repeatedly contracts muscles by passing electrical currents through electrodes contacting the affected body area relieving stress and tension.

For more information: http://therhythmtouch.com/Rhythm-Touch/rhythm-touch-home.htm


The advantage of MobileHelp is that it goes anywhere you do. And wherever you go, they can find you if you need help. This device works inside and outside the home via Cellular/GPS Tracking and no landline is required. This medical alert system seems like the perfect solution for active independent people.

For more information: http://www.mobilehelp.com/advantages.php

Photo: CES Panel