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4 Top Things Baby Boomers Struggle with Most

Alcoholism and other addictions have become a problem for the boomer generation. It’s something that doesn’t get talked about and frequently goes unchecked.

The baby boomer generation is struggling today with a number of problems. Those born between 1946 and 1964 are said to enjoy some of the best resources available. However, the reality of their situation is much more difficult than the dream.

1. Retirement Planning Becomes Difficult in Later Years
Let’s face it, saving money is never easy. However, those in the baby boomer generation are getting to the age where it’s crucial. They have to plan for their retirements, although many haven’t thought about this enough earlier in their lives. They are reaching retirement age and realize that there is very little, if anything, that they can retire on. Some have started contributing more to their company 401k or trying to put more money into their savings accounts. However, if retirement hasn’t been a priority for many years they are likely to fall short of what they need.

2. Alcoholism Doesn’t Get Treated
Alcoholism and other addictions have become a problem for this generation. It’s something that doesn’t get talked about often enough, and because of this it goes unchecked. As baby boomers face problems such as financial difficulty, marital conflicts, and more, they are likely to turn to alcohol as an easy fix. While more people are willing to talk about this problem and look into an alcoholism treatment facility than in previous generations, there’s still a growing concern about addiction.

3. Home Loss Affects Everyone
With a record number of homes being foreclosed, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that baby boomers are also being affected by this loss. What do you do when you lose your home? Many boomers are looking for help from their children or other relatives. In some cases the home that’s lost is the home that they grew up in. There are many reasons that baby boomers lose their homes. Rising divorce rates and loss of employment are chief among them. Both can cause a situation where not enough money is coming in to pay the bills. This is an emotional loss as well as a physical one and can lead to alcoholism and depression.

4. Depression Rates Rise
Over the last few years, there has been a 20 percent spike in suicide rates of those between ages 45 and 54. This shows an alarming trend for baby boomers. Many of them are dealing with depression, ranging from mild to extremely severe. However, a large number of people suffering from depression, both in the baby boomer generation and other generations, simply don’t feel like there’s help. They let it fester and get worse, leading to drug and alcohol abuse. They may pull away from family or start to consider suicide.

The developed world has seen a great deal of progress in technology in recent years. However, we are still dealing with many age-old problems that technology cannot solve. We need to support our family and friends in time of crisis as no one is immune to depression, addiction, and economic problems.

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