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4 Ways to Change Your Diet and Your Life

One can become confused and sometimes even overwhelmed by the vast amounts of dieting rituals available.  Here are four ways to change your diet and your life.

In today’s world, there’s a major emphasis on dieting and eating healthy. Everywhere you look, there are ads promoting the next dieting fad or individuals claiming to have the solution for losing that excess weight. Obesity awareness ads have created a weight-conscious population.

One can become confused and sometimes even overwhelmed by the vast amounts of dieting rituals available in society. So which one is the best? Is there a right or wrong way to diet? Below are four ways to change your diet and your life.

Realize All Men or Women are Not Created Equal

First off, it’s important to remember that all people are different from one another. Each person consists of a different genetic makeup, possess certain traits and abilities others do not, and lead different lives. Therefore it’s erroneous to assume that there’s a catch-all dieting program that includes every individual.

Just because something worked for one person doesn’t mean another individual will achieve the same results as he or she. Eating habits, daily schedule, and genetic composition play a large role in the differing dietary needs of a person. Dieticians are available to assist individuals in diet planning and have the training to create a diet built specifically for that person.

Understand Exercise Goes Hand in Hand with a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise is the easiest way to control weight gain. Metabolism is the process by which we get our energy. Food is consumed and converted to energy, which is used by the muscles. Certain foods are easier to metabolize than others and are more readily available for energy consumption. The more someone uses his or her muscles, the more of that food is converted to energy rather than stored as fat. The molecules of energy that the body subsequently produces are called glycogen molecules.

Prolonged periods of exercise can exhaust the stores of glycogen molecules in the muscles, forcing the body to use its fat stores as a secondary source of energy. Exercises such as swimming, running, and weight training are all beneficial in creating and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Diet Like You Mean It (And Do it Smart)

There are two types of cholesterol, LDL (low-density lipoproteins) and HDL (high density lipoproteins). One of the goals of dieting is to cut the number of LDLs in the body. LDLs, known as “bad cholesterol,” are responsible for creating blockages and clots in the arteries that can eventually lead to strokes and sometimes even death. For a long time, doctors prescribed products called statins to individuals with high LDL levels. Statins reduce the amount of LDLs produced by the liver.

Recently it has been found that many statins also cause muscle damage as a side effect. Studies were conducted to see which type of diet was most beneficial in reducing LDL levels. Low saturated fat diets and low cholesterol diets were examined simultaneously. The results show a direct connection between a low cholesterol diet and LDL reduction. According to the study, participants that practiced dieting with cholesterol-lowering foods showed significant decreases in LDL production and buildup.

A balanced diet is key in one’s endeavor live a healthy lifestyle. Diets that consist of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and legumes are more capable of lowering LDL levels than those that include dairy or red meat. Moderation is the key in consuming the latter foodstuffs. Proper diet management and regular doctor visits will allow for better cholesterol control and promote healthy living.

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Don’t Get Discouraged

Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions to diet and exercise. Statistics show that the majority of those do not last through the month of January. It’s easy to get discouraged or feel depressed when noticeable change doesn’t occur as fast as one wants. Proper dieting is a lifestyle choice, not a one-week change. Consecutive choices that benefit a healthy life will create a regimen that has lasting benefits.

Don’t be swept away in all of the dieting craze that is so prevalent in today’s society. Construct a specific plan that fits your needs, desires, and schedule. Remember that exercise and dieting go hand in hand in weight loss and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Concentrate on the diet you choose and be aware of the benefits of certain foods over others.

Be aware of your blood pressure, LDL levels, and other medical components that affect your overall health. And last, understand that proper dieting and exercise takes hard work and will reap lasting effects in your life.

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Benjamin Miller is a prolific freelance writer who has published articles covering most all niches. Aside from writing, which is his chief passion, he also loves football and playing out in the park with his two kids.


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