4 Ways to Fill a Prescription

Bringing a written prescription to your local pharmacy is perhaps the most common way of procuring prescription medication.

Did you know there is a more than one way to fill a prescription? Whether you have mobility challenges or are thinking about procuring medication from an international or Canadian pharmacy with far lower prices, Americans now have several options when it comes to accessing the medicine they need. Here are four ways to fill a prescription in the USA.

1. Bring your paper prescription to your local pharmacy.

Bringing a written prescription to your local pharmacy is perhaps the most common way of procuring prescription medication. This method is great for patients who don’t have mobility issues, live near a pharmacy, or need medical relief right away for their condition. If you don’t need the prescription immediately and plan to visit the pharmacy on a later date, be aware that your prescription may expire.

Always bring your insurance information the first time you get a new prescription filled. You may even want to bring ID just in case.

2. Ask your doctor to contact the pharmacy directly.

If you want to save a tree and some time, you can ask your doctor to contact the pharmacy directly via phone or email. This method will allow you to visit the pharmacy and pick up the medication without waiting, as it often takes 10-15 minutes for the pharmacist to prepare your medication if you physically bring them your prescription.

3. Have your prescription mailed to you.

Having your prescription mailed to you may save you money. However, this method is not ideal if you need urgent medication. Mail-order medication works best for those who need long-term medication or have trouble traveling, as you can buy orders in advance and save money on large shipments. However, some medications need to be stored at certain temperatures at pharmacies and cannot be easily shipped.

4. Buy your prescription online.

Shopping online has never been more popular, and medication is no exception. Many Americans are now buying prescription medication online from international and Canadian pharmacies. Unlike the United States, strict price regulations set by the government is present in the pharmaceutical industries of other countries. A Canada pharmacy referral service like Rx Connected offers affordable medication sourced only from reputable pharmacies and fulfillment centers that have been approved by their respective governing bodies.

When buying medication online, be aware of scams. Some online pharmacies may look legitimate but are not; for example, they may display a Canadian flag when they are not affiliated with Canada at all. Avoid websites that claim you do not need a prescription, and don’t hesitate to call a company directly if you have any questions or concerns. A legitimate provider will always be happy to answer your questions.

For more information about alternative ways to buy medicine, see this guide provided by the National Institute of Health.