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5 Gifts You Can Give Your Grandkids for Christmas

Toys that teach children something are always popular. They keep kids of all ages entertained and helps them develop important skills.

Christmas is less than a month away which means you are thinking about gifts that you might like to give to your loved ones this year. Grandkids are a special treat because they grow up so fast and the one toy we thought would last a long time, isn’t so interesting anymore. Therefore, it’s important to find a toy that will keep them occupied for some time. Most toys that are like that tend to teach children something. It doesn’t have to be a teaching toy as long as it keeps them entertained and helps them develop a skill.

Here is a list of interesting toys that young children might enjoy this Christmas:

Twist and Drill
Twist and Drill is a toy for future engineers because it develops a child’s logical thinking and problem-solving skills using a hammer, screw and a drill. The toy is suitable for any child that shows interest in creating things because the goal of the game is to make an unusual car. It is easy to put together since it’s made from cardboard.  Don’t be surprised if you see an adult playing along with the child building a car together. The game is not recommended for children under the 3 years of age.

Tobbles is a game that allows the child to create a masterpiece. The goal is to have fun stacking the pieces one on top of the other. This game develops the toddler’s fine motor skills, coordination and visual spatial acuity. It provides hours of fun and will make you want to play with it too! The game is not recommended for children under the age of one.

Chewing toy
Teething is not the best feeling in the world for your baby but a good chewing toy goes a long way to help both you and the child get through this phase. The best toy is one that the baby can grasp and hold. It needs to have an appealing texture yet be firm enough to provide resistance when the baby bites into it.

Hide-and-Seek at the Farm
This child’s book is the perfect gift for the baby’s first book. The entire book is made in vibrant colors which will catch the baby’s eyes and the audio incorporated into the book will keep your baby calm. This book has more than 30 storylines that the child can enjoy for a long time.

Teddy bear
The teddy bear is an old-fashioned toy that doesn’t have batteries to provide audio or video. However,  it is one that children around the world have loved and played with for years. It doesn’t have to be strictly a bear; it can be a giraffe, a cat or a dog. A monkey is a big favorite with some children but any cuddly animal would make a young child very happy.


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