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5 Lucrative Business Ideas for Ambitious Baby Boomers

Investing in a property maintenance service to carry out essential repairs is a guaranteed money-spinner for the shrewd baby boomer.

As we head towards our autumn years, many of us begin to think about slowing down.

Whether plans are afoot to frequent the golf course or in the company of our friends and family, it’s safe to say we’ve earned time away from the rat race.

However, for every 10 baby boomers with one eye on hitting the brakes, it seems there’s one with an insatiable urge to accelerate by getting involved in a new business venture.

And why not?

After all, with age comes wisdom, so you may as well put your insights to good use.

But if you’re left scratching your head wondering what type of business you should be involved in, read on to learn about five of the most lucrative ideas for ambitious baby boomers …

Cafe or Restaurant

Despite the hard work involved in opening up an eatery – finding the perfect location, figuring out the kind of food you’ll sell, arranging a kitchen deep cleaning to bring it up to scratch – the rewards can be fantastic for the dedicated business owner with a penchant for providing good food.

Computer Training

As you know, impending retirement means you may have more free time on your hands – and other baby boomers are in the same boat. As such, growing numbers will take to the World Wide Web to brush up on their computer skills. With that in mind, why not consider a business that teaches novices their way around a mouse and a keyboard?

Online Dating

Now the baby boomers have a firm grip on technology, help them find a firm grip of a partner by introducing an online dating service. It’s a fact of life that many will have lost partners due to divorce or death, so a site that offers singletons the chance of lifelong companionship from the comfort of their front room is sure to be a hit.

Property Maintenance

Although some baby boomers may be in poor health for various reasons, the need to cut the grass and carry out general property maintenance still exists. Consequently, investing in a property maintenance service to carry out essential repairs is a guaranteed money-spinner for the shrewd baby boomer.

Errand Service

Again, if your target market is not as mobile as they once were, they may appreciate an errand service to help with some everyday tasks. Whether picking up their shopping from the supermarket or a prescription from the pharmacist, you could be providing a valuable service for those who really need it.


Photo: Joseph Nicolia