5 Tips to Save on Your Grocery Bill


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Wouldn’t it be better if you did some planning that will help you get all that you need and still save money? Read on for tips to save on your grocery bill.

Hey! What is this? Are you cutting down on your nutritional needs to save on your grocery bill? You don’t have to do that! You can’t stop eating to save money. Rather, wouldn’t it be better if you did some planning that will help you get all that you need and still save money? Read on for tips to save on your grocery bill.

  1. Plan ahead – First and foremost plan your menu ahead. Check your grocery cupboard and make a list of all that you need. Divide it into perishables and non-perishables. If you are a member of a store, keep the circulars that tell you of the sales and discount offers. That is the best time to buy. After you have made a list of all that you need, sit down and prepare a budget.

Cut down on things that you can dispense with or can buy later when they are available at sale. Don’t get carried away with the idea of serving your family healthy food and buy things that are not available in the season. Seasonal produce is the healthiest and also inexpensive. You need not buy all your grocery from one store. If you come to know of another store that is offering discounts on other things, go there.

  1. Use discount coupons – Stores always offer discount coupons to promote sales. Save those coupons as they can add up to hefty savings. Also, keep a lookout for days when you can get double coupons.

Another way is to shop on the days when discounts are offered. Keep track of all those and also have a price list of the items to know when you are being offered something on sale. If you have rebates, ensure that you fill them up and send them on time.

  1. Make use of cash back offers – All credit card companies offer cash back offers from time to time. They may be in the form of accumulated bonus points. Use those points to save money. Alternately, you can use your credit card to accumulate more points and use them when the discounts are heavy. Just make sure that you repay the card in full when you get the monthly bill.
  2. Buy non-perishables in bulk – Getting grocery in bulk is cheaper than getting them in small quantities. You may have noticed that the stores offer bigger discounts when you buy things in bulk. You also have to make fewer trips to the grocery store and can save on car petrol.
  3. Be smart – Sometimes store brands are as good as international brands. Try them out and if they are really good, you can get them cheaper. If, while grocery shopping, you find a good deal, add it to your list and make the purchase.

Everyone wants to save money but only a few manage to do so. The trick is in planning ahead and being smart.

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