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7 Things You Should Never Say When Selling Your Home

It’s important for you to understand what not to say when selling your home. Learn how to maintain your leverage and avoid scaring off buyers.

Most times when selling your home, it’s better to let your real estate agent do the talking with potential buyers. However, there may be moments when it’s just you, the buyer, and the buyer’s agent having a conversation, so it’s important for you to understand what not to say, as well. Most buyers will be looking for an edge in negotiations, and that edge can come from seeking out information that the seller’s side would rather not share. Learn how to maintain your leverage and avoid scaring off buyers, with our guide to seven things that you should never say when selling your home

Seven Things Better Left Unsaid

1. The Number of People Who Have Viewed the Home – Buyers will ask how many people have viewed the home, as a way to gauge interest when considering their own offer. Some buyers will be looking to pounce on a home with a perceived low-interest level, while others might consider a lack of showings as a red flag. Better to just skip answering the question entirely. 

2. How Many Offers You Have Received – Of course, some buyers will get right to the point, and ask how many offers you have received on the home. Answering this question is a bad idea, for all of the same reasons that it’s best not to say how many people have viewed the home. 

3. How Soon You Need/Want to Close – You may need to close quickly for a variety of legitimate reasons… but the buyer doesn’t need to know that’s the case. It’s hard to avoid the topic of closing once you’re deep in negotiations, but that’s a subject that your real estate agent can handle when the time is right. 

4. That the Home Is in Perfect Condition – Even if you have worked hard to address every maintenance issue you can find, no home is truly in perfect condition. It may be tempting to tell the buyer that nothing at all is wrong with the home, but that can come back to bite you when it’s time for the inspection. 

5. Why You Have Decided to Sell – There are so many different reasons to sell a home, and buyers will be looking for an edge by asking why you have decided to sell. Whether you’ve outgrown the home, had a change in family status, or simply want to live somewhere new, the buyer doesn’t need to hear the details from you. 

6. Too Much Neighborhood Info – If a buyer wants to know about nearby attractions or restaurants, that’s one thing. If they want to know all the details about your neighbors, how many kids are in the area, or how safe you consider the neighborhood to be, that’s a different story. Sometimes, it’s better to let buyers research on their own. 

7. You Aren’t Willing to Negotiate – As a seller, it is normal to want to maximize your return when selling your home. However, it’s important to avoid telling buyers that you won’t drop below X price on the home because that is a sign that you may be unwilling to negotiate – both on price and other key concerns. 

By understanding what to say and what topics to avoid, you can make it easier to achieve your goals when selling your house. The right real estate agent will act as a buffer between you and potential buyers, but it’s always helpful to know exactly what not to say when your agent isn’t present.

Article courtesy of Lois Harper, Broker/Salesperson Wardley Real Estate REALTOR®, ABR702-612-8842

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