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A Better Night’s Sleep With Bamboo Bedding

People suffering from night sweats can have their sleep severley compromised. Bamboo fabrics have excellent absorbent features that keep the bed relatively dry.

By: Ravi Bhardwaj

Natural bedding products such as bamboo are becoming increasing popular due to their luxurious feel and healthful features. Bedding made from pure bamboo is organic, clean and without herbicides or pesticides. It is also one of the most sustainable natural products.

Today, many people suffer from sleep disorders. Sedentary lifestyle, increasing rate of pollution and poor dietary habits are some of the major reasons people have difficulty sleeping. The quality of bedding products and uncomfortable beds can also affect sleep. Sheets, pillow cases and pillows can cause asthma and allergies, while lumpy or too soft mattresses can result in body aches. People suffering from respiratory illness seldom sleep well which can further aggravate their health issues.

The bamboo plant is naturally cultivated without the use of chemicals making the products safe and non-allergenic. Bamboo fibers contain a natural anti-microbial agent which prevents the formation of bacteria. This natural agent continues to be present in bedding products which is why bamboo bed sheets seldom cultivate molds and fungus in damp climatic conditions.

Natural bamboo bedding products also have the ability to adjust to the body temperature. With other fabric sheets, people suffering from night sweats can become uncomfortable causing their sleep to be compromised. Bamboo fabrics have excellent absorbent features and the fast-wicking properties keep the bed relatively dry in all climatic conditions.

The majority of bed fabrics need to be laundered every week as they can easily become soiled, retaining moisture, dirt, dust and bacteria. However, bamboo bed sheets remain fresh and odorless even after weeks of usage. Frequent washing is not necessary since bacteria and bed mites are naturally destroyed.

Studies have shown that sleep quality is improved when your bedding is comfortable. Slipping in between sheets that are soft and silky in texture will immediately relax your entire body. The first time you try bamboo bedding you’ll notice a huge difference.

Babies sometimes suffer from rashes and itching caused by allergies. To encourage undisturbed sleep, bamboo sheets have become a popular staple in the modern nursery.

These natural and organic bedding products can be found all over the world. Department stores and specialty shops stock them in a variety of sizes and colors. Online shoppers can find them at various websites at affordable prices.

Why not try them and see if they can improve the quality of your sleep. The very least, you’ll enjoy the cool silky texture of your bed.


Photo: Aaron Gufstafson