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A Garden Shed Can Be Used as a Sanctuary


More and more people are searching through ‘sheds for sale’  to see if they will fit into their garden to give them a space of tranquility to enjoy at their leisure.

Sheds are becoming an increasingly popular item to have in the garden for men and women alike. It wasn’t long ago that I would have happily stayed all day in the shed catching up on TV programs while staying out of everyone’s way. However, increasingly women are taking advantage of the space and freedom provided by a shed.

More and more people are searching through ‘sheds for sale’  to see if they will fit into their garden to give them a space of tranquility to enjoy at their leisure – I can certainly vouch for their relaxation qualities. The great thing with sheds is that they can virtually be transformed into anything that you want from an extension to your work space or a library to the fitness area or an auxiliary pub.

Aid Your Work Space with a New Shed  
I know how it feels when you have to bring your work home with you, you think I’ll have a sit down for a little while and get on with it later in the evening, maybe even do it in front of the TV. I also know that this is an error because you won’t get a great deal done slouched in front of your favourite programs. This is where a garden shed can be particularly useful as it can provide you with a place to get away from distractions to get on with work.

You can decorate the place in neutral hues so as not to overtly distract and you can place a desk and chairs in the room to ensure that you have the best possible environment work in. A couple of desk lamps should provide all the illumination that you need.

Create a Getaway Space to Immerse Yourself in Your Books
Let’s face it, we all love nothing better than to while away the evenings enjoying a good read. I love to really immerse myself in the book I’m reading and to do that I need silence, so I turn the TV off and sink into the sofa to read. However, that isn’t always possible in the home with others around the place.

So, design your shed into the perfect place to enjoy all your books. First things first, you’ll want to paint it a nice light, relaxing colour – something along the lines of mint green or sky blue. Then add some furniture to really sink into with a couple of decorative cushions. Get some stylish lanterns in and the ‘piece de resistance’ will come in the form of a shelf in which to store all your favourite books.

Make the Place Your Own
The beauty of the shed is that it allows you to put your own stamp on a little area, which is much less expensive than redecorating your whole house. In recent times, much more people have started to try and look after their bodies as a way of staving off potential diseases. For instance, I now have a cross trainer in my shed to keep myself in as good a shape as possible. Others might want a space to run on a treadmill or stretch out the limbs doing yoga.

Of course, the classic use of a garden shed has been for men to use it as a retreat from the household with comfy sofas and a mini fridge stacked with beers. This can still be done quite easily and it really just depends on what you want to get out of your shed.


Photo: mattshomes