Adults Need Hobbies, Too

Not only are you finally enjoying retirement but you’re able to fully appreciate taking on new hobbies and experiencing new things.

By: Erin Leigh

Whoever says that “kids have all the fun” are sorely misguided. While the video games are great and everyone loves a sleepover, there’s no better time than now to be a baby boomer. Not only are you finally enjoying retirement (or hopefully only a couple of years away), you can actually afford all the things that you want to do. Plus, you’re able to fully appreciate taking on a new hobby and experiencing new things. So, put on your grownup galoshes and get ready to explore life with a renewed sense of curiosity and wonder.


Honest-to-goodness scrapbooking usually starts to appeal to people after their children have grown because now they have the time to commit to it. It’s a great way to preserve your family’s most precious moments, which are likely stored in boxes somewhere in your basement. Artfully display your wedding invitations, baby shower announcements, family photos, school awards, holiday cards, favorite recipes and more. The best part about this hobby is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can arrange and showcase your memories in a simple three-ring binder. If you want to improve your skills, use Betterfly to find a scrapbooking class in your area.

Fly Fishing

Working 9 to 5 in an office for 40 years takes its toll, so it does the body good to spend some quality time outdoors. Fly fishing is a refreshing hobby for adults because it combines the simple pleasures of nature with the sophisticated art of tying your own flies. You can spend many incredible hours learning to find the best spots to fish for trout and smallmouth bass. You may also try your hand at tying a variety of intricate and exotic-sounding flies, such as the Pheasant Tail, Jujubee, Fur Ant and Woolly Wing.

Coin Collecting

While baseball cards are for kids, coin collecting is a great hobby to take up as an adult. It takes a more mature mind to comprehend how coins can increase in value over time, and you learn a lot history from these coins, some of which have been around since the 1800s. Whitman Publishing provides a ton of useful resources for coin collecting if you’re just getting started, including coin collecting supplies and its popular price guide, The Red Book. Expand your collection by dabbling in other currencies, like special-issue $2 bills, and even U.S. stamps. Plus, this can be great keepsake to pass onto your grandkids when they’re old enough.


Speaking of grandkids, the greatest gift you can possibly pass down to them is a well-researched family history. and other online services speed up the process by making genealogical records available on the Internet. Search extensive online databases for your ancestors’ census, immigration and military records. You can also use these software tools to find information on births, marriages and deaths. What are some other hobbies that you can take up to start experiencing new things?

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About the Author:
Erin Leigh is a writer and blogger for 352 Media Group, a custom web development company. When she’s not writing, she’s constantly scouring her city and the Internet to find new things to do.

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