Aging With Laughter

Joyce not worrying about aging.

Joyce not worrying about aging.

I am willing to accept any negative criticism people throw my way. Aging is a very difficult process. If anything I write about elicits laughter, then I’ll feel good.

By: Joyce Greenleaf

I can’t remember the exact date when every one of my physical flaws became magnified to me. All I know is I began to fear that whenever people looked at me, they were focusing on my worst features. Those flaws are all revealed when I wear a bathing suit, so wouldn’t you know I would love to swim?

As a five-year-old, I didn’t have these problems. I was brazen and topless in front of the camera, wearing only brief swimming trunks at least four inches below my ‘inny’ belly button. I was so skinny you could see my ribcage. I was totally unaware of my knocked-knees and pigeon toes.

Fortunately, 60 years later, I am still blessed with an athletic figure, but time has not been so good to my thighs. Somewhere in my early 50s, I became aware that every piece of candy, chocolate cake, and all the coffee ice cream I had ever enjoyed was stored in my cottage cheese, cellulite-laden thighs. The loose skin gives them a crinkled, puckered look, which I find utterly embarrassing.…

And as if that isn’t bad enough, the firm skin on the front of my upper arms has been replaced by accordion-like pleats, with hanging pelican pouches underneath. Isn’t it ironic that I would choose a sport which would expose these “asset” to the public?

Because I am so self-conscious, I panic every time I go to the pool. I try to choose an unpopular time slot, but it is rare that I’m the only person there. I don’t know who I worry about the most: men, other women, or the outspoken children. Is it possible that nobody even notices me?

I am willing to accept any negative criticism people throw my way. Aging is a very difficult process. If anything I write about elicits laughter from others, then I’ll feel good. I will also have made a contribution.

About the Author:
Joyce Greenleaf graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English and received her Masters Degree at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Ms. Greenleaf wanted to teach since she was six years old. For 34 years, she had the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for life and her love of learning with 5th-8th graders in the New York City and Los Angeles Public School systems. Teaching gave her life a sense of purpose and joy.

At 46, she pursued a new dream: to become an actor. She has been studying ever since, and she has appeared in numerous television shows and films.

Fifteen years ago, Joyce was given a journal for her birthday and wrote in it every day for the next five and a half years. Her personality is her voice and she continues to write from her heart. With a twinkle in her eye, Joyce shares her passion for writing and her love of laughter.

Curtains for my Mirrors – A Humorous Approach to Coping with Aging is her first book. To buy a copy click here.