Aging Without Plastic Surgery

Beautiful Face

Beautiful Face

It is certainly harder for some women to face getting older without cosmetic help. So, is plastic surgery the answer or will conservative treatments be enough?

Aging without plastic surgery? Is it possible? A stigma is attached to aging in this country, and many other societies around the world. Consequently, many women fight aging. These women do everything under the sun to retain their youthful looks. We are a society filled with women who seek a facelift or other plastic surgery as a natural part of life. Others look for simpler changes that are within their budget. Women want to retain their youthful appearance and find a quick fix. Plastic surgery can be the answer.

Before seeking a facelift many women want to know more about Botox injections which are a popular way to remove facial lines and wrinkles. The cost of Botox injections is much less than facial surgery which is why many women are taking advantage of the procedure. Most women who get Botox injections are pleased with the immediate results which usually last up to six months. The procedure is virtually painless and completed in less than thirty minutes. This non-invasive treatment is now gaining great popularity with women Baby Boomers.

Many women are taking the extra step and opting for surgery in an effort to ward off signs of aging. In a full face lift, the surgeon makes a large incision behind the temples and ears, then lifts and pulls the skin back from the face. By gaining access to the underlying tissue and muscle, the doctor can tighten the area, which can take years from the face. This is suitable for women who require intense facial improvements including deep lines, droopy eyelids, sagging skin, or jawline.

For women looking for results that are less profound, a mini-face lift might be the answer. It requires smaller and fewer incisions and is minimally invasive. It is safer and has fewer complications and the healing time is a lot shorter.

Other types of facial improvements include the Thermal Face Lift which uses radio waves to improve skin tone and diminish wrinkles. However, the final result is visible only after two to three months when the reconstructed tissue fully heals.

Many women concerned about eyelids that droop and sag elect to have eyelid surgery which corrects this problem. Women with deep lines in their foreheads can often see marked improvement with a brow lift. Sagging chins can be corrected by neck lift surgeries that renew the skin on the neck, giving the patient a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Aging without the help of plastic surgery? It is certainly harder for some women to face getting older without some type of cosmetic help. As baby-boomers age, marketers are targeting their skin care products to this fast growing population.  Retinals are the gold standard that rejuvenate the skin and can show a moderate improvement. However, the price tag on many of these products can be high and produce varying results.

Only time will tell how scientific research will alter methods and products that help aging women retain their youthful appearance.

Photo: Sarah Caroline Mueller