Disabled Americans

Americans With a Disability

One in five Americans has a disability and needs assistance. A shocking statistic that should make each of us question who is helping these people.

The 56.7 million people in the US with a disability, look to their family, friends and community for assistance in coping with their daily activities. Some require help just to perform personal tasks such as showering and brushing their teeth.

Another disturbing piece of information is that people with disabilities are more likely, than those without disabilities, to report having poorer overall health, less access to adequate healthcare and more engagement in risky behaviors such as smoking and physical inactivity.

This means that we need to work together to build supportive communities.

Indeed, these facts drove the team at Educator Labs to put together a toolkit to help empower our disabled population with their options and their rights!

Here is a list of places where you can find help for the disabled:

Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living

Disability Accommodation Cost Guide

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide

Disability.gov’s Guide to Transportation

Rights for Those With Hearing Loss

Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

Chronic Pain Relief with Swimming Exercises

Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips

Business Ideas For People With Disabilities

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities

Routines and Children with Disabilities

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Group

Kitchen Safety for Single Parents with Children with Disabilities

Teaching Students with Special Needs

Homeschooling and Special Needs Children

College Assistance Guide for People with ADHD

Employees’ Practical Guide to Negotiating and Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

Guide for Employees with Disabilities and Their Employers

Disability.gov’s Guide for Family Caregivers

Find an In-Home Caregiver

Obesity and Children with Special Needs

A New Savings Plan for the Disabled

A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

Financial Assistance for Accessibility Home Repairs and Modifications

Home Accessibility Costs

Home Accessibility Check List

Ultimate Disability Accommodation Guide

Hobbies and Activities for Special Needs

Planning for the Future for Seniors with Special Needs

Teaching the Art of Cooking to People with Disabilities

Assistive Technology Buying Guide

Home Organization for Newly Disabled Seniors

Should They Stay or Should They Go: Selling a Home with Modifications

Resources for Traveling with Disabilities

Legal Guide for Newly Disabled Seniors

Mattress and Bedding Guide for People with Disabilities

15 Things Every Newly Disabled Person Should Know About

Legal Resources for Special Needs

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling

Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child CanThrive

Teacher Resources for Special Needs

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs

Disability and Credit Scores

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor

Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home

Financial Planning for Special Needs

Affordable Colleges for Students with Disabilities –

Thriving in Trade School with a Disability: Support Services, Adaptive Tools, and Resources –

Career Guide for Disabled Students: Understanding the ADA, Knowing Your Rights, and Finding Disability Resources – https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/students-with-disabilities-careers/

Disability Resources for College Students: Campus and Community Support, Expert Advice, and Rights for Students with Disabilities – https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/college/resources-for-students-with-disabilities/

Financial Aid for Students With Disabilities – https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/college/financial-aid-for-students-with-disabilities/