Are You Fair to Your Hair Follicles?

Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

I was rather impatient when he wanted to carry on a discussion on the condition of my hair. After all, what did that have to do with the hair style?

By: Anita Oksa

For years I have been colouring my hair at home and almost passing out from the fumes. I ignored the burning sensation on my scalp considering it a necessary evil. Looking beautiful was worth suffering a little. After all, haven’t women agonizingly stuffed their toes into pointy shoes for decades?

One morning, while blow-drying my hair, I twirled the brush and fluffed the fringe but I was still not getting the style I wanted. I needed a new haircut and with that a new stylist.

The search was on and I eventually found myself wrapped in a plastic cape inside a sleekly decorated salon. I began by explaining my sad tale of woe to Paul, my designated stylist, who also happened to be a colour technician. Since, I expected him to lunge ahead with a pair of scissors, ready to cure all, I was rather impatient when he wanted to carry on a discussion on the condition of my hair. After all, what did that have to do with the style?

Trying to remain polite, he never the less couldn’t help tut-tutting, as he gently scrunched the hair between his fingers. I finally woke up when he pointed out areas, close to my forehead, where the hairline had actually begun to recede. Of course, this was not really news to me, since my hair has always been pathetically thin and not much of it. Had it worsened?

Perhaps those off-the-shelf products that I had been using were damaging my hair, in spite of the manufacturers’ elaborate promises.

Most hair colour products contain ammonia, Paul explained, and prolonged use can lead to thinning and poor conditioned hair. The hair follicles absorb the dye and carry it into your body. Even minuscule amounts of toxins can accumulate over the years and cause unexpected allergies.

He tactfully suggested that I let my own colour (eek, gray combined with mousy brown!!!) grow out to restore the natural lustre and texture of my hair.

When he read the panic expression on my face, Paul explained the premise of Bio Silk liquid gel colour. It is ammonia free and is derived from natural ingredients, such as silk, panthenol, herbs and olive oil. It is organic and does not contain any lead or toxins. In effect, it is environmentally friendly.

Ok – I was sold. His approach seemed to make sense.

Paul showed me over fifty shades of shiny hair swatches that apply to permanent or semi-permanent colouring. A little unsure, I opted for a warm, reddish brown-blonde shade.

The procedure was very simple. Paul blended the gel and applied it to my hair. He then placed a magazine in my hand and sat me under the dryer for about twenty minutes. There was no burning sensation or horrific smell. And it was fast!.

Back in front of the mirror again, I was completely overwhelmed by the natural colour and softness of my hair. I wondered how long the dream would last. As time wore on, to my amazement, I found that the texture and colour remained, even with numerous shampooing…living up to the promise of silky, vibrant hair.

What magic had Paul performed?

Farouk Systems’ Bio Silk products were developed by Farouk Shami of Houston Texas. He has developed many ammonia free retail and professional salon products. I don’t know if the hair colour gel is available for home use, but it is well worth asking your hairdresser to stock it.

Photo: Stefie Jones

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