Are Your New Tires Really Old?

New Tire

New Tire

Since there is no law preventing the sale of “expired” tires, some retailers, even reputable companies, have been selling old tires as new.

By: Natasha Morgan

Let’s assume you’re a safe driver. You have your car maintained according to manufacturer’s guidelines and you check your tires regularly. What more is there?

Most people don’t know that car tires actually have an expiry date. We don’t see it advertised nor is there a law protecting us.

When you look at a tire and see that you have plenty of tread left and no obvious signs of wear, you assume you have nothing to worry about. You’re tires are in good shape.


The rubber in the tires dries out over time which can lead to cracking and greater stress on the tire’s infrastructure. The tread on the tire can peel away in chunks making it impossible for the driver to control the car. You can well imagine the frightening consequences if you happen to be driving at a high speed on a highway.

How You Can Tell the Age of Your Tire

Since the year 2000, the week and year the tire was produced has been placed at the end of the Tire Identification Number. The first two digits identify the week and the last two identify the year.
For example: 4106 means that a tire was manufactured in the 41st week of 2006.

Since there is no law preventing the sale of “expired” tires, some retailers, even reputable companies have been selling old tires as new just because they have never been installed on a car. Even some so called experts believe that as long as there is plenty of tread left and no worn spots on a tire, they are safe.

Check Your Tires

Whether you have recently bought new tires or you’ve been riding on them for awhile, you need to know how old the tires really are. It is such an important safety issue that it’s not worth your family’s life to ignore it.

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