Baby Boomers "The Generation"

Baby Boomer Music

Baby Boomer Music

The Baby Boomers in parts of the world prospered by the boom, proved to be a generation abundantly rich in health, wealth and optimism.

By: Richard Jacobs

Baby Boom Generation is a term which broadly depicts a generation born during the middle of the 20th Century. The exact birth years of the Baby Boom Generation have always been controversial. However, people born during the boom following the World War II were called part of the Baby Boom Generation.

In the United States, the Baby Boom Generation is generally associated with cultural hallmarks like the Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek and Mission Impossible TV shows, Woodstock, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement. So in general, baby boomers are associated with a rebellion against traditional values. However many a people differ in their opinion as family values did continue to pass on to the younger generations, also the Baby Boomers in parts of the world prospered by the boom proved to be a generation abundantly rich in health, wealth and optimism.

The Boomers thought of themselves, as different from their pre descendants and as a special generation. They wore this expression of aloft defiance and considered themselves to be the pioneers of bringing about change for better, which not only had a role to play in how the Boomers perceived themselves but also in different outlook of the world.

The political portray and structure of the country since the Vietnam War could well be attributed to the cultural rift between the promulgators of social change and the traditionalists brought about by the Baby Boomers.

Although a vast majority of the Baby Boomers were supposedly religious, yet they had a liberal approach towards issues like abortion, homosexuality, drug abuse and sex freedom. Their illegal and abusive use of drugs caught on by the world at large proved to be a cultural epidemic. Another prominent expression of the Baby Boom Generation’s identity was their music, mostly rock and roll.

In surveys under taken in the late 90’s, the Baby Boom generation was found to be reluctant to discuss topics regarding end of life planning or their demise. However various commentators are of the view, that the Boomers reluctance in proper planning for aging and end of life issues is putting undue economic burden on their loved ones for retirement and care thereafter.

The Baby Boom Generation is now, or will soon be a part of the senior generation, owing to the aging process and will be facing health problems and other challenges like planning for after retirement and long term care. These issues need to be reviewed and planned in advance by the Boomers before it’s too late.

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