Beauty Products Can Put Your Daughters In Danger

green beauty products

Green Beauty Products

Green beauty products are cheaper, healthier alternatives to commercial beauty products. Some green beauty products can be made from items you already have at home.

By: Kathleen Hubert

Beauty products do more than make women look pretty. They absorb into skin. Most commercial beauty products have ingredients that can cause cancer. Girls are especially vulnerable to the chemical toxins in commercial products. Mothers can keep their daughters safe by knowing how commercial beauty products can affect their daughters’ health.

Commercial Beauty Products Can Be Harmful to Teens

The Environmental Working Group has detected significantly high levels of hormone altering and cancer causing chemicals in girls ages 14-19. Teens use an average of 17 beauty and hygiene products a day. The average woman uses 12 products daily. Several of the chemicals in beauty products have been linked to cancer and thyroid issues. The chemicals in beauty products are especially harmful to teens because their bodies are still developing. Teens should not use hair dyes containing ammonia and peroxide, dark permanent hair dyes, nail polish, or skin lightning creams. Any Products containing parabens and phthalates should be avoided.

Makeup Can Cause Birth Defects

Phthalates are a group of chemicals that are known to cause birth defects. These chemicals are found in several cosmetic products, but the FDA does not require companies to list all of the product ingredients on the label. Companies usually list the fragrance in cosmetic products as perfume, but the perfume can contain hundreds of chemicals. Commercial products that claim to be fragrance free and for sensitive skin also contain chemicals. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that two-thirds of health and beauty products contain phthalates. Two of the most toxic DBP and DEHP phthalates have been banned from being sold in the European Union, but they are still for sale in the United States. The use of hair spray during pregnancy can cause babies to be born with a urinary tract defect that damages testicles. Women should always check the label on beauty products, and research the ingredients listed before buying beauty products. Green beauty products are much safer than commercial beauty products.

Use Green Beauty Products

Every cosmetic company wants women to think that their products heal skin damage. Big name companies spend millions of dollars on marketing. They hire celebrities to further convince women to buy their products. Green beauty products are cheaper, healthier alternatives to commercial beauty products. Some green beauty products can be made from items women already have in their kitchens. Fruit mask, olive oil, and honey are all things women can use to keep their skin glowing. When girls see their mom using natural products, they will want to do the same. Several small retailers sell all natural makeup. Using green products keeps women and their daughters safe. Green products can help girls enhance their beauty without comprising their health.

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