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Become Financially Organized

Women who take care of their family schedule, hold a part-time job or run a home-based business, are particularly at risk for losing track of their finances.

By: Rosette Summer

Whether you are retired, a stay-at-home mom or managing a career, becoming financially organized is important to you. Women who take care of their family schedule, hold a part-time job or run a home-based business at the same time, are particularly at risk for losing track of their finances.

According to the US consensus, 5.4 million women are stay-at-home moms. Their 24-hour work schedule often leaves them too fatigued to squeeze in money management tasks. Becoming financially organized makes makes the job easier.

Advancements in technology has been able to create the following helpful tools:

1. Coupon Sherpa
This application once downloaded to your smart phone, helps you save money on your regularly purchased items. You can search through various coupons available on the internet to find the ones that apply to you. At the store, present the coupon and enjoy the savings.

2.  Living Social
Living Social provides daily shopping deals on your smartphone. It’s not necessary to check your e-mails repeatedly to find offers that can save money.

3. Online Planners
Managing a home is much like conducting a business. Online planners can help schedule household work using a “to-do” list. You can schedule a date to pay your bills, go grocery shopping and plan meals.

4. Web-Based Tools
If you use sticky notes frequently and are still unable to manage your finances, then web-based tools can be a good option for you.

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

If you are working from home, you can manage various business tasks through this tool as well.

5. Mint has been a favorite website for many people wanting to manage their finances. You can now download a free app that includes helping you consolidate your bank accounts and develop a financial budget.

6. PayPal
PayPal is a tool frequently used to make online purchases and pay bills. An iPhone owner can access the website directly and using the app manage her money.

7. Money Calculators
Debt is easier to manage if you know your debt to income ratio. The Consolidated Credit’s debt ratio calculator helps you with spending decisions. A “spending vs. saving” calculator can tell you how much you would save by limiting your budget for a specific period of time.

8. Chase Mobile
This is an iPhone app that enables you to check your account balance, transfer money, and pay your bills. Other banks may offer similar applications that you can download to your smart phone.

9. Icurrency
iCurrency keeps track of currency values of 150 countries. It can convert currencies between any two of the countries. This is a valuable tool if you are running an online business that includes suppliers or customers in foreign countries.

10. Bloomberg
This application provides updated stock trends and quotes.Tech-savvy investors rely heavily on financial information provided by this app.

Technical tools make tracking your finances considerably easier than paper, pen and calculator. Make the initial investment in time to learn more about these and other apps and in the long run you’ll save money and time.

About the Author:
Rosette has provided detailed information to educate stay-at-home moms about the significance of managing personal finances. With a lot of tools to organize finances on a daily basis, the blog will help stay-at-home moms live debt-free lives.

Photo: Dave Dugdale