Beware of Extended Vehicle Warranties


Extended Vehicle Warranties

Beware of extended vehicle warranties that promise “Bumper to Bumper” coverage. I purchased an extended warranty that covered everything except regular maintenance items and was told it was the most comprehensive coverage I could buy.


By: Natasha Morgan

I have a five year old car that is in excellent condition and low mileage. The factory warranty ran out so I decided to purchase an extended warranty which would allow me to keep the car for several years without worrying about major repairs.

As soon as the factory warranty had expired, I began receiving post cards from several warranty companies. Obviously, they received my name and address from the dealership since they were already in possession of detailed information relating to my vehicle.

Once I had evaluated all of the offers, I selected a “Bumper to Bumper” warranty that I was told covered everything except regular maintenance items and is the most comprehensive coverage I can buy.

I was feeling pretty pleased with my decision and happily sent a check to Automotive Warranty Solutions in Boca Raton, Florida that covered the down payment of approximately 15% of the total cost of the warranty.

My elation took a sudden tumble when only a few months later, I took my car to the dealership to have them diagnose a strange clicking sound in the dashboard. I was advised that the warranty company refused to pay for this repair which would cost $1000+ and I was required to pay $125 for the work that had been done to locate the problem.

I called the warranty company to find out why it did not honor its commitment and the Claims Manager advised me that “the air conditioning footwell flap actuator motor” was not part of the air conditioning unit but a motor attached to it which was not covered under the agreement.

I felt angry and cheated and immediately asked them to cancel the policy and send me a refund. I was told that it sounds like something that should be covered and a manager would call me back after he had investigated the problem.

A week later I still had not received a call so I tried again. This time I was told that another manager would call me as the first one had moved to another location.

When after a reasonable length of time, I still didn’t hear from the “manager”, I called again and insisted they cancel my policy. In retrospect, I realize that the longer they keep me on the “hook” the smaller my refund would eventually be.

I have lost all trust in Automotive Warranty Solutions and felt sure that no matter what went wrong with my vehicle in the future, this company would find a way not to pay for the repairs.

Too late, I discovered that some companies offer “Bumper to Bumper” warranties that clearly state “This contract covers all your vehicle’s parts EXCEPT the following”. With an inclusive list, the consumer is not left guessing what is not considered “bumper to bumper” coverage.


I have learned an expensive lesson and lost faith in extended vehicle warranties. I would strongly advise you to be wary if you are considering purchasing one. They sound promising until it’s time to deliver.


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