Boiled Wool Slippers

Slippers made of boiled wool sounds more ominous than the actual product. They are merely super comfortable slippers made of woolen fabric.

By: Anita Oksa

A slipper, by definition of the Oxford Dictionary, is a light, loose, comfortable indoor shoe.  Many cultures, notably Asian, routinely grace their feet with slippers upon entry to their homes.  In Northern Italy I visited my friend’s family home and upon entering, was offered paper slippers in exchange for my shoes. Not only are slippers enticing to wear but cleaner and safer for your floors. In one instance, my colleague related to me that a pair of slippers would have averted the damage done to his hardwood floor punctured by a guest’s high heels. Whatever your goal, boiled wool slippers are an excellent option.

Boiled wool sounds more ominous a procedure than what actually results as the final product.  It is merely woolen fabric boiled to soften and shrink it.

Upon completion, the boiling results in many pockets of small air bubbles in the material allowing it to breathe and provide a natural insulation against hot or cold temperatures.  It isn’t water absorbent so if you walk on a puddle of spilled water you won’t be wet. Slippers made of boiled wool create a sensation of snugness without feeling sweaty.  You can almost feel your “ Dogs” sighing breaths of relief ! The malleable property of the wool allows it to be stretched into shapes beneficial to the foot instead of your foot trying to conform to the shoe. The density of the fabric ensures longevity. It is resistant to wear and tear. The wool  fibres  cushion your soles .  Similar to a massage, the blood flow is naturally stimulated increasing circulation as well as benefitting the neural receptors.  For women, in particular, after years of cramming feet into pointy toed high heeled shoes, this is nirvana.  

This is very old procedure.  It can be traced back to the age of Egyptian pharaohs, and also to the inhabitants  of the mountainous regions of both the Old and New Worlds.  The method, of course has been refined to meet current production requirements.

Cleaning of boiled wool products should be done by hand in cool water, gently, so not to unbalance the wax and lanolin of the fibres.  As with most woolen fabrics, you don’t wring them out but let dry flat. If the slippers are not very soiled, leaving them outside for a few hours can suffice as a freshener.

The slippers are worn at home but that doesn’t preclude them from fashion and quality.  You can choose from and array of slipper boots, mules with a variety of colours and themes. For those of us who love pets there are dog or kitty slippers.  And then, there are always the seasonal attractions of Christmas stars and bells. Many of the styles have removable footbeds so they can be replaced with your own orthopaedic insoles. These slippers are very classy and emanate good quality.

This is the age of using sustainable products. No one wants to litter the planet. Wearing boiled wool slippers is one way of contributing to a positive change in the world while keeping in mind that your feet deserve comfort.

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About the Author:
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