Aging and Friendship


Aging and Friendship

If you keep making friends of all ages, you won’t suffer the same social fate so many elderly people face when their circle of same-age friends starts to dwindle from sickness and death.


By: Royane Real

When I was twenty-two, I was befriended by a woman named Doris who was thirty years older than I was. Although Doris was then a fifty-two year old woman, she did not feel it was inappropriate to befriend me. She did not operate with the social belief that she should choose her friends only from people her own age.

We became very …

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Five Important Details in Developing Rapport


Developing Rapport

Building rapport is similar to interviewing someone for a job. Listen to what the other person is saying and take your clues from there, while also noting the body language.


By: Sheila Easton

Let us take a peak at the basics of developing rapport with others.

In a nutshell, what it takes is to ask questions, have a positive, open attitude, encourage an open exchange of communications (both verbal and unspoken), listen to verbal and unspoken communications and share positive feedback.

Here are important details on each step:

1. Ask Questions
Building rapport is similar to interviewing someone …

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Have You Made Time for Friendship in Your Schedule?


Friendship in Your ScheduleMany of us let our lives become so busy with commitments that we don’t get around to scheduling time for pleasure and renewal with the friends, relatives and acquaintances we already have.

By: Royane Real

Are you too busy to get together with your friends regularly?

If you currently feel that you don’t have enough friends in your life, one reason may be that you have let yourself become too busy to make time for the relationships you already have.

Nurturing and maintaining friendships requires effort and commitment. Many of us let our lives become so busy with work …

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Time for Connection in Your Relationship

Time for Connection in Your RelationshipAt the beginning of a relationship, nothing gets in the way of time together – not chores, children, work, friends, or “stuff”. The wonder and passion of life will pass you by if you do not schedule in time to connect.

By: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Gretta and David fell deeply in love in their mid 50’s. They were both astounded at the level of passion they experienced.

At the beginning of their relationship, nothing got in the way of their time together – not chores, children, work, friends, or “stuff”. Nothing was more important than their time together.

However, when …

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Does Your Life Lack Meaning?

Does Your Life Lack Meaning?Loneliness is the primary feeling when we want to connect with another and the other is unavailable. If you were completely open to your feelings, you would feel moments of loneliness throughout the day.

By: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Vera sought out counseling with me because her doctor advised her to discover the emotional causes of her chronic fatigue. Vera, a successful stockbroker, was in a loving 18-year marriage. On the surface, everything in her life was fine. She had enough money, friends, and a good relationship. Yet Vera awoke each morning battling fatigue and depression.

David sought my help because …

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The Argument Women Can’t Win

Agruement Women Can't WinUnlike a disagreement in the business world, an argument between a woman and her husband or boyfriend can start out in a logical manner but can end up in a heated uncontrollable argument.

By: Bob Grant

When it comes to fighting and disagreeing with men, women frequently make a critical mistake which ends up causing them to feel hurt and lonely.

Here is the scenario that typically happens. During a routine conversation there is a disagreement between the woman and her husband/boyfriend. It starts out in a logical manner with two competent speaking adults simply talking about a problem or

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Be Exactly Who You Are!

Be Exactly Who You Are!Changes, no matter how big or small, are not appropriate if they are for someone else. Any time you change anything about yourself to please another, it will have negative consequences.

By: Lisa Stuart

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner consistently complains about you or about the things that you do? Perhaps he just makes subtle comments but you know he really means them? These careless acts play on your insecurities and you may have found that you were changing the things about yourself that he was complaining about or commenting on in an effort to …

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A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

Patience Goes a Long WayThe lack of patience is the key to so much unhappiness and grief in this world. The next time you feel impatient, take a moment to remind yourself of how you felt when someone had no patience with you.

By: Gary Mosher

We all know that relationships can be difficult. One of the best methods we have for making every relationship less stressful and more enjoyable is to show a little patience. Patience has been defined as what we lack for the driver in front of us and demand from the driver behind us.

In truth, patience is nothing more …

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Anger — Lose Your Cool and Look Like a Fool

Get Angry and Look Like a FoolEverybody gets angry. Whether it is at a family member, a co-worker or the stranger who took our parking spot, we all get angry. The problem with getting angry is that it won’t solve the problem, but will probably create new ones.

By: Gary Mosher

I recently witnessed a scene in a mall parking lot that has had a lasting effect on me – it was two middle-aged women arguing over a parking spot. They were both standing beside their cars and screaming at each other while waving their arms in a threatening manner. The argument eventually became a name-calling …

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Tomorrow’s Happiness Begins Today

Tomorrow's Happiness Begins TodayTo find happiness you first have to understand where happiness comes from. If you want to be happy tomorrow you must choose carefully what you do today.

By: Gary Mosher

If you want to be happy tomorrow you need to begin working at it today. Some people spend their lives waiting for happiness to arrive on its own and it never comes. Others work hard at creating wealth but still aren’t happy, discovering that money only brings a whole different set of problems. Happiness is a state of mind and not the size of your bank account. Happiness is emotional …

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Infidelity: Stop The Pain!

Infidelity: Stop The Pain!

Normally infidelity takes place with someone at work. Look for patterns of deceptive or “secret” behavior. You don’t need to be an expert at this just watch your spouse.

By: Bill Mitchell

After rescuing and investigating more than 2000 cases of infidelity I know what to prescribe. Follow this prescription and find healing for your condition.

Here are seven steps to take if you suspect your spouse of cheating on you:

1. Stop asking direct questions. Yes that’s right. If you hope that your spouse will tell the truth I can assure you he won’t. It’s just that simple, …

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Turning Strangers into Friends

Learning to make conversation with new people can be the first step to making many new friends. It takes time and effort to turn casual strangers into friends.

By: Royane Real

Do you find it easy to make conversation with people you’ve just met? Or does the thought of trying to make conversation with someone new make you break out in a cold sweat?

If you don’t feel comfortable making casual conversation with people you have just met, you will find it harder to make new friends. You will also find it more difficult to fit in at your …

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secure house

Eight Things You Must Do to Deter Burglars


Burglars don’t usually do much advance planning for specific break-ins.If closer examination reveals that your home is not an easy target, they just move on.

By: James Strobes

Why should you bother with preventive home security measures? Because of one simple fact — most home break-ins are crimes of opportunity.

Burglars don’t usually do much advance planning for specific break-ins. They pick out any target that seems to be easy. If closer examination reveals that your home is not an easy target, they just move on.

Here are eight things you can do to prevent your home

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Victorine’s Art of Seduction

Mademoiselle Victorine

Have we forgotten the rules of the Art of Seduction? Are we as charming or mysterious as women we read about from the past? Do we flirt and fascinate? Do we flirt with old ladies, the butcher behind the counter, little kids, and dogs?


By: Debra Finerman
Author of Mademoiselle Victorine

We women in the twenty first century are the most accomplished, talented, educated women in history. But are we as charming or mysterious as women we read about from the past? Do we flirt and fascinate? I don’t mean just flirting with men. Do we flirt with …

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Regional Guide to In-Laws

Regional Guide to In-Laws

Seven territories of in-law personalities in the USA … each with a unique flavor. West Coast In-Laws drink their Napa Valley wine and Starbucks coffee while eating their home made macrobiotic muffins. They’re not laid back but ultra-aggressive about lifestyle choices.

By: Dina Koutas Poch

There are seven territories of in-law personalities in this great country of ours. Each has its own unique flavor.

1. West Coast In-Laws

(California, Oregon, Washington)

Three words: Burning Man Festival. Your in-laws live where Manifest Destiny carried them. They come from a long line of gold hunters — those in search of a truer, …

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