missile defense system

U.S. National Missile Defense Scrambles to Defend All American Families

We boomers have repeatedly faced the threat of nuclear missile attack since we practiced duck and cover in elementary school. Many of our generation are concerned about possible impacts to their families as diplomatic and military moves play out on the Korean peninsula over ballistic missile proliferation.

So I thank Rita Morgan for letting me provide this guest commentary to her readers.

I’m speaking up because I have some expertise regarding the strengths and weaknesses of America’s missile defense capabilities. I gained it by working 25 years in the military and in the aerospace industry helping develop the Army’s Mid-course …

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my baby

I Gave My Baby to Strangers

Before I could argue my case any further, the courtroom doors opened and the bailiff called my name. By signing my baby away, to strangers, my life could return to the way it had been.

By: Margaret Mott

I touched my mother’s arm and pleaded in one last desperate attempt to stop the events from unfolding. “Please don’t make me do this”.

“Don’t start.”  She sat stiffly in her black dress, her court attire, as though she was at a funeral.  She was – mine.

Mom insisted that I wear the new white dress she had bought me as though …

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make love

Can a Man Make Love Like a Woman?

A woman can make love for other reasons besides strong desire. To feel close, or emotionally connected to her partner.  To promote loving feelings.

By: Stephen Snyder, MD

Several years ago, a merchant in my neighborhood learned that I was both an MD and a sex therapist.  The next time I was in his shop, he asked me if I could get him some Viagra.

“How long have you had erection problems?” I asked.

“I don’t,” he answered.  “But my wife and I have been married for 30 years.  To tell you the truth, sometimes I’m too tired or preoccupied …

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german sheperd

My “Heart Dog” Prince

A striking black and tan German Shepherd dog, Prince had been with Linda for seven years. Guarding her. Protecting her. Loving her. At just a year old, his protective instincts were well-formed.

Her life is filled with love stories. A thoughtful and devoted husband of forty-seven years, precious children, and adorable grandbabies. And she lives on an idyllic farm in the south with lush rolling hills, a sparkling lake, towering sunflower fields, and tall, sturdy pines that stand like sentinels. Dogs, cats, horses, ducks, geese, and other wildlife add dimension and beauty to her life. But one special dog will …

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stuffed animal

5 Gifts You Can Give Your Grandkids for Christmas

Toys that teach children something are always popular. They keep kids of all ages entertained and helps them develop important skills.

Christmas is less than a month away which means you are thinking about gifts that you might like to give to your loved ones this year. Grandkids are a special treat because they grow up so fast and the one toy we thought would last a long time, isn’t so interesting anymore. Therefore, it’s important to find a toy that will keep them occupied for some time. Most toys that are like that tend to teach children something. It …

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military kids

Why We Baby Boomer Military Kids Developed Differently Than Civilian Kids

When I get together with other baby boom military kids, we frequently talk about how we turned out “different” from civilian kids.

I was one of the first baby-boomers, born to a father in the Army. When I get together with other baby boom military kids, we frequently talk about how we turned out “different” from civilian kids.

One reason is that our families moved so much. It became normal for our family to move every two to three years, sometimes more often. It was normal to have to leave friends or to have them leave us. It never occurred …

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earthquakes and miracles

Earthquakes and Miracles Happen Every Day

Miracles are a lot like earthquakes. They happen every day. Quite often they are happening all around us and go unnoticed.

By: Charles Gardner

Where I live, in California, there are earthquakes every day.

Today alone (July 1, 2017), there were 18 earthquakes recorded. Most often, they are the sort that are so low in magnitude on the Richter scale that you don’t even feel them. But every now and then, there are the ones that make you feel a little dizzy, the lampshade swings a little bit, and you know something is happening.

And then, every so often, WHAM! …

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Conversations with Teen Mums

Conversations with Teen Mums is a web-based interactive documentary about millennial and generation Z young mums. It depicts the lives of girls catapulted straight into motherhood while still young themselves.

Funded by NZ On Air with additional support from the NZ Film Commission, Conversations was made in Auckland over a period of four years.

Featuring a combination of photographic portraits, personal quotes, written interviews and films, the Conversations website offers audiences a unique window into the minds of NZ young mums who are coming-of-age as their children grow.

Visit the Conversations website and read the honest, heartfelt stories that these …

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‘Til Death Do Us Part – My Daughter’s Wedding

The autumnal morning chill promised to warm quickly with the rising sun, making for a perfect wedding day. My heart was pounding. My knees felt so weak I thought my legs would no longer hold me.

By: Dr. Carroll James

My heart was pounding. My knees felt so weak I thought my legs would no longer hold me. Tara hooked her arm through mine and I patted it with my moist hand.

My eyes watered, and feeling light-headed I wondered, Was I this nervous at my own wedding? Tara, my beautiful daughter, had become an independent young woman.

The rehearsal …

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shopping cart

Five Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd. They include things like using proper grammar and spelling, volunteering for thankless jobs and always being courteous.

By: Terry Mitchell

Some people are content to just be another face in the crowd. By assuming this attitude, they are saying, in effect, to the rest of the world, “I’m just average; there’s nothing special about me.” For those of us who would rather stand out from the crowd, there are some relatively easy ways in which we can accomplish this mission. None of them requires a whole lot of skill or …

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Interviewing a Caregiver—Who Will You Trust with Mom or Dad?

When keeping your day job requires outside help, who will you let in? Here are 8 questions to ask before hiring any caregiver.

By: Stefania Shaffer

My mother’s decline seemed to happen almost overnight—but on a calendar, it was more like four years and one month of strange occurrences that would only be recognized in hindsight as onset dementia. Still, the slide down this slippery slope happened quickly, all things being relative.

In December she was still enjoying her hearty appetite until January came when she began pushing her food around on the plate. Maybe I hadn’t realized how long …

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How to Use the Power of a Smile

When you come across somebody who smiles at you, despite your weariness, you can’t help but smile back. If you want to make a good impression, smiling is your best option.

By: Codi Morieta

Have you ever noticed how the word “smile” assumes the position of a smile on your face right after it has been pronounced?

The same is true with a grin or a grouch.

Much of the words in the English language or perhaps in other languages of the world assume the facial expressions of the person pronouncing them. Perhaps this is how words came into existence.…

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senior with questions

Checklist for Keeping Your Senior Safe

How do you determine if this is forgetfulness or something much worse? Know the warning signs to keeping your senior safe at home.

By: Stefania Shaffer

When she flung open the front door to heartily greet me after a long period away from home, I did not need a professional to give me a checklist in order to know what was staring me in the face—my mother was no longer able to care for herself.

The thought registered like a blip on my radar, but I needed proof that these suspicions were correct.
I quickly gleaned from the tour of …

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More Than a Birthday: Women Turning 50 Celebrate

As we women turn 50, we are catching a glimpse of our mortality and making a choice on how we want to live the rest of our lives. For the next 50, let’s laugh at ourselves and make every day just a little more fun!

By: Sara Thompson

Something unexpected happened when I turned 50. Actually, it started the year before as I began to feel the big 50 steadily approaching. I stopped caring — not about myself — actually quite the opposite. I began truly caring about myself as I began to care less about how I sound, …

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suddenly single

Finding Yourself Suddenly Single

As a single person, you must exude and project confidence to be successful in the dating world. No one wants a detached, morose or silent partner.

Am  I Dateable?

* Look in the mirror, and be honest.

* How do I feel?  Am I depressed, happy, blah, lonely, or sad?

* Do I look how I feel?

* Does depression show on my face?

If you are happy with yourself and your world, it will show on your face.

You must exude and project confidence to be successful in the dating world.

No one wants a detached, morose or silent …

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