My Tumor


The word itself means “to swell.” Tumors occur more in women than men. This could be due to there being more fibroid tissue in women.

By: Pat Jacobs

I thought I had gained a few pounds; I tried all kinds of diets, and it seemed that a few even worked. But I never totally lost all the weight; eventually I chalked it up to the fact that sometimes you DO gain weight over any period of time. And so I coped quite successfully.

For several summers, my left leg would swell up like crazy; I always attributed this to …

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Bone Builders

 Milk Bottle

Supporting the skeleton with healthful habits now so it can support you later in life is especially important if you have an increased risk of osteoporosis-for example, if you’re female or have a thin, small-boned frame.


By: Dixie Farley

Support Your Bones With Healthy Habits

Unearthed skeletons from ancient times testify to the durability of bone long after other bodily tissue turns to dust. Living bone in the body, however, can lose mineral and fracture easily if neglected–a disorder called osteoporosis, or porous bones. One in two women and one in eight men over 50 suffer such fractures, …

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The Truth About Aging in America

Older People

Baby-Boomers are taking up activities they never had time for before; that indeed should make retirement seem like the “golden years”.


By: Lillian B. Rubin, Ph.D.

Increasingly long life spans:

If a public conversation on aging is to have any value, we need to talk about how much has changed and how little, about the social and psychological meanings of living so long and how they interact with each other in a society that, at best, is ambivalent about its old. We need to think aloud about the impact of our increasingly long life span on those who follow …

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Fashion’s Shadow

Black is still fashionable

“The little black dress” became popular again in the 1950’s and is still seen in fashion magazines today.

By: Pat Jacobs

Wearing black has been fashionable in many times and places since the 14th century. For example, black clothing had become THE color to wear at the Spanish court by the late 16th century, but was modified by adding a white collar or muff. Spanish black soon became the color to wear in Holland, Italy, and England as well.

Due to many others wearing it, Spanish black was considered old-fashioned by the mid-17th century. It suggested age and religious piety. …

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Enjoy Your Wine

Wine glasses and bottle

The solution is to never drink a red wine that is less than ten years old and a white that is less than five years old.

By: Natasha Morgan

After many years of enjoying a tasty glass of wine, quite suddenly I began to have a bad reaction even after only a couple of sips. It was not obvious right away but the next day, I was very sick. I felt as though I had a terrible hang-over, yet I had only consumed one glass of red wine. What’s up…. what’s happened to my body?

Well, if you’re one …

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Is Bottled Water Really Better for You?

Tap Water

The risks of contamination of bottled water are the same as those for tap water since they originate from the same sources.

By: Natasha Morgan

Mineral and spring waters come from a natural underground source. If labeled as such, they cannot be obtained from a public supply nor can their composition be altered by chemical treatment. However, to protect freshness, carbon dioxide and ozone may be added during the bottling process.

Bottled Water is not as restrictive and it can come from any source that can be treated to make it fit for human consumption. In recent years, there have …

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

Diet Soda

Humans naturally have an appetite for sugary things. However, consuming an excessive amount will amount to surplus calories resulting in weight gain.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The average American eats the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. Most of the intake is from corn sweeteners, used heavily in sodas and other sweetened drinks. The remainder is from sucrose (table sugar), and a small amount comes from other sweeteners, such as honey and molasses.

Humans naturally have an appetite for sugary things. However, consuming an excessive amount will amount to surplus calories resulting in weight gain.

Sugar …

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CyberKnife – Amazing New Cancer Treatment

Cyberknife Surgery Equipment

Cyberknife surgery can offer an option for inoperable or surgically complex tumors. Because of its accuracy, other areas of the body such as the spine, lung, prostate, liver and pancreas become treatable with robotic radiosurgery.

By: Natasha Morgan

Cyberknife surgery is a non-invasive procedure which uses a combination of robotics and image-guidance technology to deliver precisely targeted doses of radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The CyberKnife was approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in 2001, and the first FDA approved CyberKnife was installed at Stanford Hospital in October, 2001.

Traditional radiosurgery has …

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Dressing Younger but Sensibly

Dressing YoungerExpand your shopping horizons. Check out trendier stores, departments, and labels to find the younger takes on the trends.You have mastered style when you have a consistent look.

By: Pat Jacobs

  • Keep up. Read through a fashion magazine or check out an online one every two or three months to get a basic idea of what’s new. Besides the obvious ones like Glamour or Vogue, also check out young-oriented magazines like Jane. And you don’t have to like or own any of it; you’re just looking for new ideas.
  • Be open. Don’t automatically assume that because you’re a

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What is Restylane?

Restylane injections

Studies conducted by the manufacturer showed that the device, Restylane, is safe and effective for filling moderate to severe wrinkles around the nose and mouth.

By: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 12, 2003 approved an injectable gel to treat facial wrinkles.

Studies conducted by the manufacturer showed that the device, Restylane, is safe and effective for filling moderate to severe wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Most patients needed one injection to get optimal correction; about one-third of patients needed more than one injection to get a satisfactory result. The effect …

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Outdoor Eating Food Safety Tips

Outdoor Eating Food Safety TipsBe sure to keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood securely wrapped so their juices don’t contaminate cooked foods or foods eaten raw such as fruits and vegetables.

US Food and Drug Administration / Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

The picnic and barbeque season traditionally begins on Memorial Day weekend. To protect yourself, your family, and friends from foodborne illness, practice safe food handling techniques when eating outdoors. Keep these tips in mind when preparing, storing, and cooking food for picnics and barbecues.

When You Transport Food

  • Keep cold food cold. Place cold food in a cooler with ice

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Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmill WorkoutAs you learn this routine, feel free to walk, jog, or run instead of doing any of the moves. Alternate between brisk walking and bent-knee walking.

By: Minna Lessig
Author of Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom

Like many folks, I do my cardio on a treadmill. But because the pounding of running makes my back hurt and tightens my hips, I created this 30-minute treadmill routine. Now, I’m passing it on to you. Some of the moves can be tricky at first, but that’s a good thing, especially if your current treadmill workout feels a bit stale. …

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Boosting Metabolism

Boosting Metabolism

Most of what controls your metabolism isn’t under your control. Some people are genetically blessed with a high-burning metabolism.


By: Joy Bauer, MS, RD, CDN with Carol Svec
Authors of Joy Bauer’s Food Cures

Clients — and just about everyone I meet who learns I’m a nutritionist — ask me this question all the time: How can I boost my metabolism?

Metabolism is simply the total of all body processes that burn calories — your basal metabolic rate plus your activity factor. When it comes to improving your metabolism, there’s good news and bad news.

First the bad news:

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Fashion’s New Mantra, ‘Politically Driven’

Hillary Clinton

This is the first time in history that women are at center stage in Washington. They are liberal, stylish, fashion-forward women.

By: Gabrielle Ruvolo

As fashion trendsetters, female political candidates will have a new influence on fashion. We will see a new look ahead. With women standing forward in politics this could be a return to the classics, while drawing a fresh new distinctive style. What could that distinction be? Possibly a modernized version of the classics with the focus on simple feminine lines. The opposite of frivolous, shabby or funky. A chic deliberate confident, sophisticated smart sense of self …

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No Body is Perfect: Body Image and Shame

No Body is PerfectAreas that are particularly vulnerable for women: appearance and body image, motherhood, family, parenting, money and work, mental and physical health, aging, sex, religion, surviving trauma, speaking out and being labeled or stereotyped.

By: Brené Brown, Ph.D., L.M.S.W.
Author of I Thought It Was Just Me

We often want to believe that shame is reserved for the unfortunate few who have survived terrible traumas, but this is not true. Shame is something we all experience. And, while it feels like shame hides in our darkest corners, it actually tends to lurk in all of the familiar places. After interviewing over …

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