CES Las Vegas

2015 CES International Highlights

Although, there were many interesting exhibits at the 2015 CES, I visited only areas that might interest baby-boomer women.

From the many interesting exhibits at the 2015 CES, I selected the following products for my review:


If you use earphones to listen to music or podcasts while on the move, this product will interest you. I tested them and was surprised to learn that I could hold a normal conversation with the representative while listening to music. The design is different in that they don’t actually fit into the ear canal but conform to your ears and sit …

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Protect Your Personal Information

Look for privacy statements on websites, sales materials, and forms you fill out. If a website claims to follow a set of established voluntary standards, read the standards.

Today, it’s quick and easy to get a credit card approved, transfer money from one account to another, renew your driver’s license, fill a prescription from your doctor at your local pharmacy, use store loyalty cards, and purchase products online. But you pay for this convenience by providing more opportunities for your personal information to be changed, stolen, or reported inaccurately. Companies can also use the information you have shared to …

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reverse mortgages for seniors

Reverse Mortgages for Seniors

You can complete an application for reverse mortgages by contacting an FHA-approved lender, if you meet the borrower and property eligibility requirements .

Reverse mortgages are increasing in popularity with seniors who have equity in their homes and want to supplement their income. The only reverse mortgage insured by the U.S. Federal Government is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM, and is only available through an FHA approved lender.

If you are a homeowner age 62 or older and have paid off your mortgage or paid down a considerable amount, and are currently living in the home, …

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long term care home

Long Term Care

Just beginning to think about long term care? Protect your family and make your decisions known to them. Long term care is more than just insurance.

Many people think the phrase “long term-care” refers to an insurance policy. While insurance may be part of your strategy, long term care encompasses everything from long term services and supports and finances, to where you will live and how you will navigate the myriad of legal, family, and social dynamics along the way.

Long term care is a range of services and supports you may need to meet your personal care needs. …

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shopping online

Too Nervous to Shop Online?

The biggest concern for all online shoppers is entering credit card information on the seller’s web page. Follow these tips and minimize your risk.

By: Natasha Morgan

If you’re a shopper who enjoys going to a store, searching for items and talking to sales people, then making purchases online would not appeal to you. However, if you’re like many of us who finds shopping tiresome, the internet could save you time, energy and maybe even money.

Secure Online Shopping
The biggest concern for all online shoppers is entering credit card information on the seller’s web page. Naturally, this should …

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credit cards

How to Shop Online Securely

The temporary credit card for online shopping works just like your regular card and the merchant will never know that it’s not your real card.

By: Natasha Morgan

If you’re like most of us, you cringe when you enter your credit card information for online purchases. After all, how do we know that the merchant is honest?

Truth be told, we don’t. There are so many scams circulating the internet and many of the shysters are technically clever. They can set up websites that resemble those of name brand names and add security logos that are meant to make …

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financial documents

Become Financially Organized

Women who take care of their family schedule, hold a part-time job or run a home-based business, are particularly at risk for losing track of their finances.

By: Rosette Summer

Whether you are retired, a stay-at-home mom or managing a career, becoming financially organized is important to you. Women who take care of their family schedule, hold a part-time job or run a home-based business at the same time, are particularly at risk for losing track of their finances.

According to the US consensus, 5.4 million women are stay-at-home moms. Their 24-hour work schedule often leaves them too fatigued …

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junk mail

You Can Reduce Unwanted Mail

Sending mail that looks like it is from a government agency when it is not, is illegal. With one exception, sending mail that looks like a bill is also illegal.

What can you do about the growing pile of unwanted mail in your mailbox and unwelcome telemarketers on your phone? Actually there’s a lot you can do.

* Tell companies you do business with to remove your name from customer lists they rent or sell to others. Look for information on how to opt out of marketing lists on sales materials, order forms and websites.

* Utilize the services …

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career building

In Your Career Everyone Is Important

When you spread goodwill among the people you work with, you’ll find that your career is positively impacted, often in ways you could never have foreseen.

By: Ben Carpenter

“I hardly ever work with her; it won’t matter if I’m a little late sending her those documents she asked for.”

“Why should I thank him for that? It’s his job!”

“She’s just a temp. What does it matter if I gave her the brush-off?”

Have you ever said (or thought) any of these phrases, or something similar? If so, you may be doing more damage to your career than …

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health care costs

Health Care Post Retirement

Many have not started planning for the financial and medical realities that come with getting older. Do you know your options and costs for health care post retirement?

By: Cathleen Toomey

As the last of the baby boomers turn 50 this year, they are ready to redefine what retirement means to them, but have not done all their homework on costs. A recent national survey conducted among boomers ages 50-69 commissioned by RiverWoods, a Type A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Exeter, NH, found while some have put thought into the retirement lifestyles they would like to …

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glass shelves

Installing Your Own Glass Shelves Saves Money

Most glass shelves will appear to float along the wall, allowing light to pass through them. This makes the surrounding area feel more spacious and luxurious.

Glass shelves can add a unique touch aesthetic appeal to your home, especially when placed in areas like your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Most glass shelves will appear to float along the wall, allowing free flowing light to pass through them. This can make the surrounding area feel much more spacious and luxurious.

When placed over a medicine cabinet, glass shelves are quite versatile, and blend in nicely with current décor. Since everyone’s …

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Leather Sofa

Decorate Your Living Room with a Leather Sofa

Leather sofas offer several options for decorating the living room to create a space you can enjoy. Below are a few tips on decorating that living space.

The living room space of the home is an area that must be comforting and inviting. In the living room area, you relax with your family, converse with friends and enjoy your time away from work. You can make this area a place of rest or entertainment. In most families, this area of the home is used for television viewing or gaming, for a fun way to spend time with family and …

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baby boomer washing car

5 Lucrative Business Ideas for Ambitious Baby Boomers

Investing in a property maintenance service to carry out essential repairs is a guaranteed money-spinner for the shrewd baby boomer.

As we head towards our autumn years, many of us begin to think about slowing down.

Whether plans are afoot to frequent the golf course or in the company of our friends and family, it’s safe to say we’ve earned time away from the rat race.

However, for every 10 baby boomers with one eye on hitting the brakes, it seems there’s one with an insatiable urge to accelerate by getting involved in a new business venture.…

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find a job

The Three Cs to Getting Any Job

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you want to earn. They basically remain constant throughout your working career.

By: Brian Tracy

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you want to earn. These three Cs basically remain constant throughout your working career.They are contacts, credibility, and competence.

First, the more contacts you have in the marketplace, the more likely it is you will find the job you want. The more people you know and who know …

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Flower Gardne

Updating the Garden Ready for Summer

Even though the main planting season comes earlier, there’s still plenty you can do to add color to the garden and make it even better for summer relaxation.

During much of the year, looking after the garden is hard work and it’s too chilly to spend a lot of time enjoying it. It’s in late spring that working in the garden really becomes fun again, as the fruits of that labor begin to show, and it’s in summer that you can sit back and enjoy the garden at its most glorious. Even though the main planting season comes earlier, …

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