2017 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights

Although, there were many interesting exhibits at the 2017 CES, I visited only areas that might interest baby-boomer women.

From the many interesting exhibits at the 2017 CES, I selected the following products for my review:

Reliefband: Drug-free relief from nausea, retching and vomiting

This is a wearable “smartband” that uses the body’s natural neural pathways to regulate the mechanisms causing nausea, retching and vomiting.

When activated, the device emits gentle pulses to the P6 pressure point of the median nerve on underside of the wrist. These intermittent signals modulate the body’s natural neural pathways and block the sensation of nausea.

When activated it works within minutes, without the side effects or drug interactions of medications.

You can get fast relief from motion sickness or morning sickness at an affordable price.

Doctors have used Reliefband technology for many years to treat nausea and vomiting that occurs after surgery or chemotherapy.

Reliefband devices have been subject to the rigors of numerous clinical trials and regulatory authorities – FDA cleared and approved by nausea sufferers everywhere.

For more information visit reliefband.com or call 877-735-2263

Wistiki: Accessory that helps you find anything

The wistiki is a compact designer smart accessory that helps you find your lost things by making them ring and locating them using your smart phone. Items you might want to find:

* Smartphone
* Keys
* Purse
* Car
* Bike
It is a free app and has no subscrition fees.

For more information, visit wistiki.com

Hairmax: Laser light hair growth device

This laser band delivers gentle, nourishing laser light energy to your hair follicles to stimulate cellular energy production and create a healthier environment for hair growth. This boost of laser light encourages more blood flow to the follicle, helping to bring more oxygen and nutrients which activates antioxidant defenses and speeds up the elimination of waste products. MairMax laser light treatments help to reverse the thinning process, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and REGROW your hair.

For more information, visit hairmax.com or phone 1.800.9REGROW

Orcam: Intuitive wearable device with a smart camera, designed to assist people who are visibly impaired.

OrCam is a smart camera mounted on the framesof the user’s eyeglasses, which processes visual input in real time.

* It reads printed text instantly
* Identifies faces and announces people it knows
* Recognizes money notes and previously entered products

For more information visit www.orcam.com or phone 1-800-713-3741 USA, 0800 358 5323 UK, +972-2-591-7800 Israel.

Mighty PURSE: Charges your phone
It works with micro USB smartphones and iPhone including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, LG and Android Smartphones.

* Genuine Leather
Made of high quality genuine leather. Different colours and finishes to suit every style and occasion.

* Lightweight rechargeable battery
The MightyPurse features a hidden built-in battery (4000Ah) that can recharge your smartphone up to 2x per charge, ensuring that you will never be powerless again.

* All cables built in
No need for messy cables. The MightyPurse includes a hidden USB cable to charge the MightyPurse, and a cable to recharge your Smartphone.

* LED Indicator
LED charge indicator. So you always know how much power is left in your purse.

* Storage
Credit card pocket, zipper coin compartment and hidden cable compartment).

For more information visit HButler or phone 888-268-1499