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Happy Family

Happy Family

Some comments could easily start a needless argument. If we try to diffuse the situation, we could help make family life the way it should be: Happy.

By: Natasha Morgan

We tend to use a familiar language when interacting with family and another language which is more formal for our friends. Have you ever considered the effect of some of the comments you make to loved ones? Some of them could easily start a needless argument.

Here are some examples of statements that might be made within the family followed by what we might say if we gave them some thought first:

a) I see you forgot to put out the garbage again.
b) I see we missed the garbage pickup this morning. I’ll try to remind you next week.

a) Oh no, not another one of your new recipes.
b) It’s nice that you make an effort to vary our menu.

a) The gas tank is empty again.
b) Do you have time to go to the gas station before you go out?

a) Did you screw up the internet access again?
b) I can’t seem to connect to the internet. Did you have trouble with it earlier today?

a) How many times do I have to tell you to hang up your wet towel?
b) Hanging up wet towels keeps them fresher longer.

a) Take your shoes off before you come in!
b) Please leave your shoes at the door. They’re wet and will track in mud.

a) Why can’t you put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper?
b) The bedroom would stay neater if you put your clothes directly into the laundry hamper.

a) That dress is much too young for you.
b) That dress does not suit you nearly as well as some of the others you wear.

a) Tommy failed his math test again. He must take after your side of the family.
b) We’re going to have to concentrate on Tommy’s math homework. His test results were very poor.

Family members living in close proximity to each other are subject to one and others’ moods. Since none of us is perfect and at any given time we may “bark out” an order, whine or even throw a temper tantrum. We should recognize it for what it is and not be tempted to reply the same way. If instead, we try to diffuse the situation, we could help make family life the way it should be:  Happy.

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