Create More Space in Your Kitchen!

kitchen counter

Kitchen Counter

Create more living space in your kitchen without spending a fortune! Here are tips on how to eliminate clutter while making your kitchen functional and friendly.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You need space to create your culinary masterpieces. Guests tend to congregate in the kitchen, and you want to allow them to enter without being embarrassed about all the clutter on your counters.

The biggest problem in most kitchens is the accumulation of unnecessary things. In order to create more space, you will need to remove them. Here are some ideas about how you can create more space in your kitchen and make it more functional and friendly.

1. Limit the uses for your kitchen. A kitchen is the place where you cook. Sometimes, it may even be the place where you eat. But if you also include it as a place where you pay your bills, do your homework, store and play board games, and set up an office, it can get very crowded very quickly. If you can move these functions to other rooms, you will be able to create more space in the kitchen. Remember that even if you continue to pay your bills on the kitchen table, you can still store them elsewhere in a bill basket until you are ready to pay them.

2. Decide which appliances you use frequently and need to have on the counter. The fewer the appliances you have on the counter, the more space you will have in the kitchen. The ones you use less often can be kept in the kitchen cabinet. If it is an appliance you rarely use, you may be able to find a place to store it outside of the kitchen, such as a basement or under a bed. You may even sell it or give it away and borrow one from a friend or a neighbour when you need it.

3. Go through the food in the cabinets and the refrigerator and throw away any expired items. Make a menu for the following week(s) and use the food that is remaining. If there is cans or boxes of food that you do not want to eat, donate them or dispose of them. There is no reason they should take up valuable space in your cabinets.

4. Next are the dishes, pots and pans, plastic ware, gadgets, and silverware. Decide how many of each items is a reasonable amount to keep in the kitchen. With the rest, you can donate, discard, or store elsewhere. Make sure each plastic container has a lid, and that it is the size and shape that you actually use. If you haven’t found a use for a gadget in the last month, maybe you shouldn’t keep it.

5. Go through your cleaning supplies, and any other things you store in the kitchen. Use up those bottles that have just a little bit of cleaning product in them. Put extra containers in another room.

6. Clean off the counter after each meal.

Enjoy all the extra space you have in the kitchen without having spent a single extra penny.

About the Author:
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