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Dealing With Facial Pain

You can experience facial pain due to a number of different issues and this can be anything from an infection through to nerve damage in your face.

If you are suffering from facial pain it could be any number of reasons why you are experiencing discomfort.

Facial pain can be felt in any area of your face and that includes your eyes and your mouth. On many occasions, the face pain can be explained by a recent injury you have experienced or because you have a headache, but there are times when it could be an indication of a serious medical condition.

The majority of causes that lead to face pain prove to be harmless but as a facial pain specialist can tell you, any such pain that you experience without being able to explain the cause, needs to be checked out sooner rather than later.

Causes of Facial Pain

You can experience facial pain due to a number of different issues and this can be anything from an infection that you have picked up through to nerve damage in your face.

Some of the most common causes of facial pain include ulcers, oral infections and abscesses, which often appear as a collection of pus under the tissue of the mouth. You could also experience a skin abscess which involve pus gathering underneath your skin.

It is also very common to experience facial pain due to having a headache or toothache, or after receiving some sort of injury to your face.

Some of the more serious causes of facial pain can be due to things like herpes zoster, which is commonly known as shingles, migraine, sinusitis and a nerve disorder.

Different Types of Facial Pain

Many sufferers describe their facial pain as a cramp-like, achy or stabbing pain. You can also experience pain in your facial area as a result of pain in the ears or head that then spreads to the face.

The specific type of face pain that you will experience depends on the cause. If you feel a dull and throbbing pain that is located on either side of your face or around your mouth, this is generally an indication of a problem with the mouth, such as a toothache, exposed cavity or an abscess.

This type of pain can be addressed by a visit to your dentist, based on these particular symptoms. If you experience the type of pain that is generally associated with sinusitis, this would likely feel as though pressure was being applied to your cheekbones and underneath the eyes.

In addition, you will likely feel an aching pain alongside the feeling of pressure being applied. If you have an abscess or an ulcer, this will often create a pain that feels like a throbbing sensation at the core of where the soreness is located.

If you have experienced an injury or are suffering from headaches, this can sometimes feel like a stabbing sensation in your face and it can also cause throbbing and an aching sensation.

Unexplained Pain

Face pain is not usually a medical emergency, but if you do experience a pain that is unexplainable or simply too unbearable to cope with, you should contact your doctor without delay.

If you do suddenly experience a facial pain that is stemming from your chest area or left arm, this could actually be an early warning sign of a potential heart attack and it is advisable to call 911 in this scenario.

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