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Don’t Hide Your Money in a Mattress

american money

American Dollars

There are many investment opportunities available. Whether you decide on bonds, cd’s, annuities or mutual funds will depend largely upon your financial goals.


By: Natasha Morgan

You’ve worked hard and you are finally in a position to sock away some of your earnings.  But, where do you start?

The stock market can bring you good returns on your investment. However, it can be risky in an uncertain market.

There are many other investment opportunities available and a qualified financial planner is the best person to give you personalized advice. Whether you decide on bonds, annuities or mutual funds will depend largely on your financial goals and how much you want to invest.

Savings Accounts

If you are most comfortable putting your money in a savings account, you have several options. Your choice will depend upon your circumstance. A regular savings account may work for you but you’ll want to explore the other possibilities.

Perhaps keeping some money “liquid” is important for you. In other words, having easy access to it for emergencies or a well deserved vacation.

In that case, an easy access savings account might be a good place to keep funds. The minimum deposit is small and you can have unlimited withdrawals.

If you know that you won’t be needing money for a period of time, you could open a fixed term savings account. You would earn a higher rate of interest for setting aside your savings for a longer period of time.

There are tax-free accounts and even children’s savings accounts that may suit your needs and they can all be managed online.

Where you eventually place your money is an important decision. You’ll want to maximize the return on your investment yet remain flexible enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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