Drugging, Assault and Robbery … It Can Happen to You!

Drugging, Assault and Robbery … It Can Happen to You!

We have so many questions and no answers. Who hit us and why? We had no other marks on our body so the bruises were not as a result of a fall, nor were we sexually assaulted.

By: Natasha Morgan

We often hear about people being drugged in bars and night clubs but never, not even for one minute, did I think that I would become a victim. After all, as a Baby-Boomer, I don’t frequent night clubs and rarely do I enter a bar.

My friend Marsha and I have traveled all over the world without incident. Here’s what happened to us during a recent trip to NYC:

We had been visiting family for the week-end but decided to stay an extra day since we hadn’t had a chance to explore the Big Apple and the weather was unseasonably warm.

From our hotel in mid-town Manhattan, we walked to Canal St. where they sell all sorts of interesting items such as sunglasses, scarves… a bit like Hong Kong, I am told. We stopped off at Union Square for lunch and a bathroom break. After wandering around for a few hours we decided to have an early dinner. A friend had recommended La Mela in Little Italy saying it was an interesting place where they served food “family style”. Instead at 5 PM we opted out for a place on Mulberry Street that served “early bird” dinner. We stayed there until almost 7 PM, chatting the way good friends always can, enjoying the glass of wine that came with the meal.

Then as we were about to take a cab back to the hotel, we decided to have a nightcap at La Mela just so we could tell our friend we had been there. We sat at the bar… a small group of people were dining and we chatted to the bar tender. He topped up our wine glass and neither of us remembers drinking it. The next thing we knew, it was 3:30 AM and we were in our hotel room, fully dressed, each in our own bed. We had no recollection of how we got there or what happened to the previous 7 hours.

Our flight left at 7 AM so I tried to call to get a wake up call but couldn’t figure out how to use the phone so I walked to the front desk and realized I was wearing my sweater and pyjama bottoms.  I must have passed out again as I don’t remember getting undressed. I used my cell phone to call my son. I don’t remember what I said but I was crying. I also phoned my other son and Marsha’s husband. It was the middle of the night so everyone was sleeping but apparently I left some disturbing messages.

My next memory was taking a shower and looking in the mirror realizing that I had a bruise on the bridge of my nose and a cut above my right eye.

I don’t know if someone came to wake us up but at 5 AM, I was trying to pack my things and get Marsha up so we could catch our 7 AM flight.  I noticed that her left eye was beginning to bruise as it was red and swollen. When she got up, she began to vomit but said she was ok to travel. We both wanted to go home!

We checked our purses and things had been moved around but nothing but about $60 in cash was missing from each of our wallets. Credit cards were there and non of our jewelery was missing, although I found Marsha’s pearl bracelet on the floor near her bed (broken).

We managed to get to the airport, although Marsha was continually vomiting. It’s amazing how we got through security and on our flight considering how we looked and smelled. By that time I was clear headed and leading Marsha through the rituals of travel.

For the entire six hour trip Marsha was sick. She could hardly speak only to nod and grunt at the flight attendants.

When we arrived home, Marsha’s husband picked us up from the airport and drove us directly to the hospital. They did blood and urine tests on Marsha as well as a brain scan. I felt fine and didn’t think testing me was necessary. No known drugs were found in Marsha’s system but apparently the hospital was only geared  to test for a few of the most common drugs. Also, nearly 24 hours had passed and anything that had been in our system was probably gone.

The brain scan fortunately turned out to be negative meaning there was no evidence of bleeding to Marsha’s brain. The continued nausea and vomiting were evidence of a severe concussion .

By now, her eye had become swollen and black; she could no longer see out of it . My bruise was also growing and it had spread to under my eyes, although not nearly as bad as Marsha’s.

From the hospital we went home and straight to bed. Marsha was given instructions to rest for two weeks. My physical injuries were not as severe but emotionally I was badly hurt. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. I began to cry if I tried to talk about it and I didn’t want to leave the house for days.

We have so many questions and no answers. Who hit us and why? We had no other marks on our body so the bruises were not as a result of a fall, nor were we sexually assaulted. Did someone try to rob us and was interrupted? How did we get back to the hotel?

About the only thing we know is that we don’t know the answers. Even after our many conversations, we remember nothing more. My son wanted to file a police report and ask questions from the hotel staff. Marsha and I don’t care … we don’t want to keep going over it …. just want to move on.

Two weeks has now passed and the whole incident in NY is beginning to fade to memory. I still don’t want to talk about it and I may never want to. I feel pretty good although my interest and enthusiasm in everything is diminished. Hopefully, this is a temporary state. My son was here twice in the last week which helped a great deal. Marsha and I speak daily and she and I seem to experience the same post traumatic stress symptoms. At least we now laugh when we talk so things are definitely improving.

It’s now 3:18 AM and since I can’t sleep, decided to write this article as a warning to women everywhere. These things don’t happen just to young women on dates. They can happen to any of us.

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Photo:  David Paul Ohmer