earthquakes and miracles

Earthquakes and Miracles Happen Every Day

Miracles are a lot like earthquakes. They happen every day. Quite often they are happening all around us and go unnoticed.

By: Charles Gardner

Where I live, in California, there are earthquakes every day.

Today alone (July 1, 2017), there were 18 earthquakes recorded. Most often, they are the sort that are so low in magnitude on the Richter scale that you don’t even feel them. But every now and then, there are the ones that make you feel a little dizzy, the lampshade swings a little bit, and you know something is happening.

And then, every so often, WHAM! One happens that really gets your attention, and things happen really big. In Southern California, the geology is founded more on sandy material, so the quake comes in a rhythm more like a bowl of Jell-O being shaken. But in Northern California, where the geology is based more on hard stone and granite, these quakes come in the form more like being hit by a train run off its tracks.

Miracles are a lot like earthquakes. They happen every day. Quite often they are happening all around us and go unnoticed. They are so subtle, so much like all else happening in the world, we don’t see them. Then there are those that make us pause. “Did that red light that lasted longer than usual keep me out of that accident that just happened ahead?”

The opposite happened to me when I decided to pause when I had an opening in traffic, only to end up in my first near-death encounter moments later in a head-on collision on Devil’s Slide near Half Moon Bay.

Some miracles are so subtle you may not see them the first time through. Often, when I’ve been absolutely convinced that I am doing what my creator had in mind for me to do, the exact opposite has been true. But I can say that every single time, things have been in play behind the scenes that have unfolded as more of a Divine plan than I could have imagined.

Medically, statistically, I was not supposed to survive. Yet I did. The events leading up to, and what has happened afterward are chock full of the lessons and miracles that happen to all of us. If there is anything I learned from the experience, is that there is a place where we go after we die, and it is a good place. But it is important that we enjoy the blessing of life that we have been given here on Earth. That we see the miracles that are happening all around us every day.

When pneumonia turns into a blood poisoning called sepsis, the body naturally tries to fight sepsis by shutting off all non-essential organs. In my advanced case, though, everything was shut down. They told me I had 13 strokes as my blood pressures soared off the charts.

By some miracle of connections, family members were found and summoned urgently. Considering my condition and the fact I had left a Do Not Resuscitate document, the choices were limited. When the doctors effectively lost all detection of brain activity, the working part of my lungs was less than the size of a finger.

On July 25, 2011, they pulled the plug. What happened next is why I wrote this book.

About the Author:
Charlie Gardner was in the prime of his life and on vacation when he contracted the flu – which turned into pneumonia. Found by a Good Samaritan, Charlie was rushed to the closest hospital and after going into a coma, he suffered 13 strokes, organ failure and loss of brain activity.

His family gathered his friends and close family members to say goodbye, and “pulled the plug.”

This is a story about a series of miracles, and in the process, of dying he was ‘pulled back’ by the love of his family, his faith, his resilience, and his extraordinary inner strength to survive at all odds.

Charlie is a Construction Executive, Public Speaker, and Author who lives on the West Coast, south of San Francisco.

To purchase a copy of Charlie Gardner’s memoir, Always Remember This Moment, visit Amazon.

Photo: Angelo Giordano