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Energy Healing – Does It Really Work?

As I did my research, I discovered that energy healing got results. I was more than a little unnerved. The power of these subtle energies seemed revolutionary.

When I started exploring energy healing, I was a curious, but highly skeptical journalist. For me, it all began when a doctor showed me a book on energy healing. I had gone to an Ivy League school, Barnard College at Columbia University, and as a journalist, I read as many as four newspapers a day. I considered myself well informed. Yet I had never heard of this type of healing. It seemed hard to believe it could be real. But what if it was? I decided that I would investigate to get to the bottom of these claims.

I began an intensive exploration of healing for a magazine assignment. As I did my research, I discovered that energy healing got results. I was more than a little unnerved. The power of these subtle energies seemed revolutionary. Yet, ultimately it was so logical and so effective. Why weren’t these techniques widely used?

How did this type of healing really work? I wondered. What did the scientific record say? I wanted answers to these questions. Thus, the magazine article turned into a five-year investigation that led to my first book, Infinite Grace: Where the Worlds of Science and Spiritual Healing Meet (reissued in paperback as How People Heal).

Those five years turned my world inside out. My understanding of health and even the very nature of reality changed dramatically. My idea of what we humans are capable of also changed. Every time a healer I interviewed told me about a technique they used, I would think to myself: This can’t be true. I would try it, simply to prove to myself that it indeed was just so much hype. It would always work.

Early on, for instance, I worked with an acquaintance suffering from a chronic Candida infection in her gut. As soon as I started my first healing, I could see the underlying energies that were allowing this invasion to overtake her digestive system. I worked hard to transmute them. I thought the session was over when I closed the session. But minutes after I left her house, I was overcome by the most powerful desire to eat cake. It was as if I was possessed. I knew then just how anguished she felt. Still, after only two healings that overwhelming urge was gone from her system. Her cravings stopped, and she was able to stay on her diet.

In such a way, I did many healings and received many more healings in the process of trying to understand what, exactly, is subtle energy and how it can be used for healing. I soon discovered that I could do this kind of healing even long distance. I would be able to touch into another person’s energy and know things that they themselves didn’t know, and clear issues for them as if they were right there in the room with me.

I’ve been a healer now for 20 years. I have found that the aches and illnesses we get often have deep meaning; our souls express important messages to us through our bodies. When we listen to these messages we can heal on many levels. For instance, I worked with a woman who called me because her breast had given off an inexplicable discharge. During the healing, I saw that her breast, a symbol of her feminine soul, was literally weeping because of an abusive dating relationship. She had just broken it off with the man in question, and as soon as she understood the deeper meaning of her physical problem, the symptom resolved.

In another situation, Cindy came to me for a healing after a melanoma was removed from her breast. I saw the underlying issue—painful experiences during her failed marriage—and cleared that energy. She had her eyes closed during the healing. Nevertheless, on her inner mind screen, she saw the energy releasing from her body. “What’s that black stuff coming out of me?” she asked. I told her it was the energy from her prior marriage, and that now she would not have to worry about the melanoma recurring. It’s been more than a decade and she has never had a recurrence.

We can learn a lot about what’s going on and what we need to heal if we ask, What is my body trying to tell me? What is the symbolism? Your soul is poetic: The message it sends to you is going to be tailored just for you. I once cut my finger, and the finger I sliced was my wedding-ring finger. At the time, I was in a relationship that everyone except me could see wouldn’t lead to marriage, and this was my soul trying to draw my attention to the truth of my situation.

The message isn’t always metaphysical. Once I worked with a hostess of a holiday brunch who sliced her finger with a knife while getting all the food prepared. The message from her soul was very simple: Slow down. Relax. When she cut herself, she had to take a timeout. Brunch still unfolded beautifully, and she was amazed when a few days later, with the help of the energy I transmitted, her finger had almost completely healed. Sometimes, the energy just brings more vitality, so radiation wounds from cancer treatment can heal up, or chemotherapy can be more easily endured, or broken bones and other trauma from an accident or surgery can fully and quickly heal.

Mehmet Oz, M.D., a renowned heart surgeon and the host of The Dr. Oz Show, whom I interviewed for my first book, called energy medicine “the next big frontier in medicine” in 2007 while on Oprah. I, too, have faith that science will eventually catch up with the mystics.

I wrote Yes, You Can Heal because not a day goes by where I hear or read about someone and think, “I wish they knew about energy healing.” I know it could help so much—even possibly change that person’s life. I have poured my 20 years of experience as a healer into Yes, You Can Heal. I give many examples of healings, along with guided meditations and practices designed to help you get in touch with the deepest parts of your self, so you can heal both your body and your life. Energy healing changed my life, and it can change your life, too.

About the Author:
Diane Goldner is an internationally known healer and the author of three books, each endorsed by one of 3 of America’s top doctors. She helps people transform physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. She is a former journalist. She is a recommended resource in Christiane Northrup, MD’s bestselling Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and has discussed healing on TV and Radio and given talks and workshops at healing centers around the country.

For more information go to Her new book, Yes, You Can Heal is available at bookstores including Amazon.