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Which Eyeglasses Work Best for You?

You can buy generic reading glasses that range in strength and don’t require a prescription. This is an affordable option as you can invest in more than one pair of glasses.

By: Anita Oksa

Did you find when you advanced into your forties, that your arms were not quite long enough for you to be able to clearly read the print on your daily newspaper? You are not alone. If you are like me and experience vision problems, then what is happening is called “ presbyopia ”. It is a result of decrease elasticity in the eye’s lens making it hard to focus on close-by objects.

Many folks buy generic reading glasses that range in strength from + 0.5 to + 4.0 and don’t require a prescription. This is an affordable option and if you are  having “ grey moments “ of forgetfulness, you can strategically position them throughout the house. This can also make you the laughing target of your partner, since you might already have two pairs perched atop of your head while wildly proclaiming that you can’t find your glasses.

On the serious side, it can be prudent to have a check up with an optometrist who can prescribe lenses suited to each eye. The vision isn’t always the same in both eyes and you might be inflicting eye strain or headaches upon yourself. Your visual problem could also be the result of disease such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration or even cataracts. You might then be referred to an ophthalmologist. The prescription eyeglass frames, while costlier, are better made (usually Italy), and more stylish but it isn’t necessary to go the route of designer ones if cost is important.

When you have determined that you can no longer read without glasses, the next delightful progression of aging you can look forward to is the deterioration of your long distance vision. I managed quite well for several years, switching from my readers to my distance glasses which I used mostly for driving. Notwithstanding that we are probably the only people left on the planet without a big screen TV, the “Jeopardy” answers grew smaller and rather than provoke a smart retort by once again asking “ What does that say “, I started to use my “ driving glasses for TV viewing too.

My eyesight was slowly deteriorating but I resisted getting progressive lens glasses which would enable me to have both short and long distance correction in one pair of glasses. Negative reports from friends who tried them in past years influenced my decision. However, this changed when I took a weekly three-hour night class that lasted four weeks. The major hurdle was changing glasses to read and make entries on the computer screen while simultaneously following the instructor’s interactive lesson displayed on the wall screen. IMPOSSIBLE! I fell hopelessly behind and did not benefit from the instruction.

The present day progressive lenses are easy to adapt to and don’t impart the rocking feeling of losing your balance. New technology allows for enhancements to the entire field of viewing. The performance of the lens  includes the distance between your glasses and your face, the angle of the frames when resting on your nose and the curvature of the frame around your face. When purchasing your lenses you should be aware that the cost can vary from basic to medium to superior by different manufacturers. Also ensure that the frame you select is compatible with the lens. Some of the more fashionable smaller frames aren’t suitable because of the height.

Whatever level of vision you now experience, it is wise to monitor and if need be, correct it. You just don’t know what you might be missing! A friend, out on a new date, didn’t wear her glasses out of vanity. As they were driving past the port, she remarked that the building to the right was a very tall high rise. She was corrected by the new beau, who advised her it was a ship!

About the Author:
Anita is a Travel Consultant who for may years worked for Air New Zealand. Now she enjoys writing for blogs and sharing her travel experiences.  She lives in Vancouver Canada with her husband and two spoiled cats. You can contact Anita at:

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