Fashions for Baby-Boomer Women

Fashionable Woman

Fashionable Woman

Times have changed. The mature woman of today should be just as fashionable as any woman of 20. Just because, you hit 40, doesn’t mean its time to stop shopping.

Times have changed, and you are definitely not your mom (with the house coats and aprons, yuck!). The mature woman of today should be just as fashionable as any woman of 20. Just because, you hit 40, doesn’t mean its time to stop shopping. It’s definitely not the time to simply pick up any old thing at the local thrift store (just because it’s cheap).

To the contrary, looking your best as you mature, improves your self esteem and inspires younger women to do the same. So read on to see what works for you in the Fall fashion trends of 2012.

1- It’s all About Sweet Color This Season

Although you may not be able to wear the loudest of colors, you still want to use styles that are vibrant. Select from tasty tangerines, honey golds, luxurious neutrals, and muted purple. No one says mature women can’t wear colors, just tone them down a bit by wearing other neutrally colored garments. Still, you want to make sure colors you do choose go with your skin tone.

2 – Classics are Back

This is good news for women over forty. No longer do you have to deal with skinny leggings, short skirts and more. Stick to cashmere shawls, diamond stud earrings, Boot cut jeans, the cute little black dress, tote bags and trench coats; all styles that fit well with the mature woman. You may want to stay away from the latest turtle necks though, as these tend to make bags, wrinkles and sags stand out a little more.

2- Slit Skirts are Back

Remember the 1950s and those sexy straight skirts with just a slight slit. These are back in style and can be the perfect new addition to your wardrobe. Choose black, or grey for that mature elegance you want. After all, that slit will add that touch of sexiness you still got! Show off those legs, girls; no matter how old you are. Nothing beats seeing a beautiful woman dressed to the nines in a classic skirt and vibrant blouse.

3 – Shoe Styles

Ladies, you aren’t dead yet! So stay away from those boxy looking SAS shoes. I’m sure they are comfortable! Just don’t wear them all the time. Classic pumps are back in style so find yourself a great-looking pair of cheap heels & shoes this fall. You’ll find all sorts of lovely colors to choose from; black, white, metallic, beige, stone, dark blue, deep violet, chocolate, rust red and khaki seem to be the trending colors.

Luckily, for you, bright colors are not “in” so almost any style will look great. Opt for looks and comfort, which means you don’t have to choose the highest heels but don’t always select flats either. Remember, its all about showing off those legs.

You know your body type best so choose colors and styles that work for you. Stay away from the trendy patterns and stripes as these don’t go very well with your age. But other than that, it’s no holes barred, meaning anything goes. Just because your over forty doesn’t mean your dead; at least not yet, anyway – so you might as well go out in style.

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