suddenly single

Finding Yourself Suddenly Single

As a single person, you must exude and project confidence to be successful in the dating world. No one wants a detached, morose or silent partner.

Am  I Dateable?

* Look in the mirror, and be honest.

* How do I feel?  Am I depressed, happy, blah, lonely, or sad?

* Do I look how I feel?

* Does depression show on my face?

If you are happy with yourself and your world, it will show on your face.

You must exude and project confidence to be successful in the dating world.

No one wants a detached, morose or silent partner  (unless they are a sadist, looking for a masochist).

Do You Look Dateable?

Look in the mirror again (sorry).

Sad but true, we are not as good looking as we were but by all means work with what you’ve got. Get back the youthful energy, enthusiasm, and passion even if in reality we are sagging here, there and everywhere.

Even if the internal being should count for more, the external being gives the first impression.  Don’t blow off this step.

Sylvia Says:

To be successful in dating you need TO ACT, AS IF:

* You were the happiest billionaire on the planet.

* If you’re miserable act happy.

* If you’re suicidal, still smile.

About the Author:
Angela Page, an award-winning author, film producer and finance professional announces the upcoming publication of her second book, Suddenly Single Sylvia that will be available for pre-order on August 4, 2017.

Targeting millions of baby boomers worldwide, Sylvia’s fresh and funny plight to find love again is sure to attract a large audience. Along with her housemates, Kiki, a young transgender Asian, and Honey, a Latina psychic chiropractor, Sylvia builds a singles dating service while searching for her own Mr. Right. Does she follow her own advice? Can she inspire others to put their hearts on the line?

Suddenly Single Sylvia is a feel good story, filled with laughs, memorable Silver Single Mingle parties, hilarious mishaps, and dating tips for the baby boomer generation.

Page’s first novel, the comic romance, Matched in Heaven received the 2015 New Apple Literary award for humor and was the 2016 Reader’s Views award finalist in romance. Her short comedy, Unplugging Aunt Vera, won a variety of awards in festivals across the U.S. and abroad.

As a part of her latest book, Suddenly Single Sylvia, Page has included a dating guide and workbook based on her own personal experiences, as well as, tips from a seasoned team of dating coaches.

For more information, please contact: Angela Page