5 Extracurricular Activities Your Kids Should Try

kids taking music lessons

Music Lessons

By participating in extracurricular sports, clubs and lessons, students are able to expand their horizons and build confidence as they accomplish new challenges.

By: Guest Post

Although the regular school day offers many opportunities for children to build their academic and social skills, they may still not be learning all of the skills that are important for success in life. Extracurricular activities are a great way to supplement the school day. By participating in extracurricular sports, clubs and lessons, students are able to expand their horizons and build confidence as they accomplish new challenges and take on leadership roles in a different social setting.

The benefits that can be gained from certain activities will last a lifetime and can be carried into any of their future goals. The following five extracurricular activities are all selected for the unique lessons that they can teach students:

Participating in Sports – Many communities offer several different sports through their schools and recreation programs. Some popular sports are gymnastics, football and baseball. They usually follow a season schedule. This allows children to try out several different sports until they find their favorite one. Being on a sports team teaches children how to work with others, and can build confidence as they learn how to set and meet goals for their team. Sports also offer a healthy outlet for competition, and they encourage physical fitness.

Volunteering – Students who enjoy helping others often find that volunteering builds a sense of responsibility. Volunteer positions can be found in a variety of environments that can be selected based upon a child’s personality and interests. Younger children might enjoy helping to cheer up elderly residents at a nursing home, while older children can take on more responsibility by working at animal shelters or at a library. For students who are interested in going to college, volunteering can be a great way to impress the staff at their school’s admissions office.

Music Lessons – Music lessons are a great way to help students with an interest in music to have the individual attention that is needed to develop their skills. Learning to play an instrument teaches patience, builds confidence and can provide a relaxing alternative to the school day. Chicago music lessons include instruction by trained teachers who can tailor the lessons to the child’s abilities.

Student Government – Students with an interest in politics or leadership can take part in student government organizations. These programs are typically offered through schools, but they involve a lot of extra work outside of school hours. This activity builds strong leadership skills and gives students the opportunity to be active in their school environment.

School or Community Clubs – Schools, churches and community centers offer clubs designed for children to gather with other people who share the same interests. They can be based upon a common cause or hobby, but what is most important is that they meet regularly and share the activity with others.

Choosing the right extracurricular activity should include communication between a child and her family. Some students can handle several activities, while others might choose to focus on only one. However, it is important that every child participates in some type of extracurricular activity in order to build her confidence, keep her mind active, and create friendships with other children who share her interests.

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