Get a Kitchen Makeover without Blowing Your Budget

kitchen makeover

Kitchen Makeover

A proper kitchen makeover should combine form with function while saving you money. With a little thought, creating a beautiful, welcoming kitchen is possible.

By: Alison Regan

When it comes time to remodel a room of a house, the kitchen is frequently one of the first to receive the treatment. It is where family members congregate and one of the first places owners want to show off to guests. Giving it a facelift can be expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are ways to improve the look of your kitchen without overspending.


This can be one of the biggest aids to avoid spending a lot of money on a kitchen remodeling project. Take some time to consider what really needs to be done, what is the ultimate goal, what will be needed and if any of the work can be done without the use of a contractor. Will the project be done all at once or in phases? This is when the decision needs to be made if the kitchen is to be a designer one like in a magazine, or a great-looking, functional room where memories are made. Look for ideas from those designer magazines or from friends, but each kitchen is different and the choices made are extremely personal. It is also a good idea to decide how much will be in the budget, as this will help prioritize where the money will be spent.

How to Save

Once the planning and design stage is done, it is time to move forward with how to accomplish those goals while spending as little money as possible.

* Counter tops – There are a variety of laminate tops available that can give counters the appearance of granite, quartz or some other expensive material at a fraction of the cost. If lack of counter space is an issue, consider adding a kitchen cart with storage compartments to extend one of them.

* Cabinets – Painting or refinishing the existing cabinets will save a lot of money over buying all new ones. Changing out the knobs and pulls for new, more modern ones, will also provide a striking change. Alternatively, if you have standard cabinet sizes, you could buy replacement doors rather than replace the whole lot. If all new cabinets are necessary, consider the ready-to-assemble option, where you can save money by building them yourself.

* Appliances – When looking for new appliances, make sure to shop around for the best deals, particularly during holiday sales time. Also, good value can be found on items in newspaper classified ads, garage sales or Craigslist.

* Painting – Do not forget to make a change to the walls of the room. It might seem small in comparison to everything else, but applying a new coat of paint provides a dramatic makeover for very little cost. It also can be done in a weekend.

A proper kitchen makeover should combine form with function while saving as much money as possible. It is a high-traffic area where people also go to have a relaxing conversation over a cup of coffee. It is where food is prepared and dishes washed. With a little thought and preparation, creating a beautiful, welcoming kitchen is possible without a huge budget.

About the Author:
Alison Regan has a keen interest in DIY and loves finding ways to cut costs on home improvement tasks. She tries to do much of the work herself, including recently assembling her cheap kitchen cabinets on her own, which saved money on labor costs.

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