Going Blonde? – Few Things You Must Know!

blonde and brunette women

Blonde vs Brunette

Blondes are never taken seriously. You must have heard the “dumb blonde” jokes. Be ready to be understood as intellectually lacking if you go blonde.

Unless you are wearing blonde halloween wigs, getting the blonde mane can be difficult. Unless it is done correctly, chances are that your blonde hue will resemble bright yellow or fake brassy shade. Given below are some tips given by blonde stylist Rick Wellman that he says are important to know and remember before you get that blonde hue.

  1. Blondes are never taken seriously. You must have heard the “dumb blonde” jokes. Be ready to be understood as intellectually lacking if you go blonde. People will crack stupid jokes and you will be the target.
  2. Why do you want to be a blonde? Is it to increase your glamour quotient because even though blondes are not considered to be very intelligent, there is no doubt that they are glamorous?
  3. Now decide upon your budget. You must know how much you want to spend before you get the hair colored.
  4. Also know the shade of your hair. Is it light, dark and on a scale of 1-12, what would be its level. If your hair level is 7, then you will most likely not need a complete coloring. Highlights will work fine to give you the desired color.
  5. Now that you have decided to go blonde, make preparations for it by finding a good blonde stylist. Yes. There are blonde stylists who know exactly what will give your hair that perfect blonde hue. Ask other blondes, whose hair color you admire about the shade.. They will tell you from where to get the coloring done.
  6. As there are a number of shades of blonde, ask your stylist which shade will suit you best. But before that you should know your skin tone and what colors suit you. Get a computerized coloring done so that you can see the results before you actually go for the colouring.
  7. After the coloring, your stylist will give you a glaze i.e. a peroxide treatment that will ensure that the color is perfect and will stay for extra time.
  8. Now that you are a blonde, you will need to change your make up to suit your hair olor and also your shampoo and conditioner. Colored hair requires more care than natural hair. You will need less shampooing and more conditioning.

Follow these tips for coloring your hair blonde successfully. You are sure to make an impact on everyone when you step out of the salon. Add blonde to your life and have fun.

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