woman with headache

Headaches, Toothaches and Other Ailments

woman with headache

Woman With Headache


The best cure for a headache is prevention. It’s a small comfort once it’s already set in but following these handy guideline can reduce future incidence.

When you’re sick, sometimes the best course of action is to see a doctor you know especially for those times when you can’t remember what your original skin tone looked like underneath that rapidly-expanding purple rash.

Other times, however, you can feel safe taking care of things on your own and saving your physician some of her precious time and energy.

The following is a list of some common ailments for which some of the most effective remedies are probably already available in your medicine closet, kitchen, or elsewhere in your home.

* Find the root cause. The best cure for a headache is prevention. Small comfort once it’s already set in, but following these handy guideline from health911.com can at least give you the chance to reduce future incidence.

* Find the root cause (migraines). This handy guide to migraine headaches can help you to better understand and prevent the occurrence of migraine headaches specifically. Much more intense and compromising than normal headaches, migraine sufferers can have a lot more to worry about, and a lot more to gain, from getting a good grasp on the fundamentals.

* Hydration. A headache can be your body’s way of asking for a drink. Water and electrolyte-rich beverages, such as Gatorade or fruit juice, can take the edge off most headaches, but beware anything containing caffeine or alcohol, as these beverages are diuretics and will have the net opposite effect of ridding your body of precious water.

* Hold and cold compresses. An ice pack held to the forehead can numb the pain of a headache, while a warm towel held to the same area can have a relaxing effect. If one doesn’t work, the other might, just don’t jump back and forth between them too rapidly.

* Herbal supplements. Although not medically proven to be effective, certain herbal remedies and supplements have a long track record of being used for lessening the severity of headaches. The number of available treatments is as diverse as the number of people suffering from headaches, so don’t be discouraged if results vary on your first few tries

* Brush regularly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the saying goes, and this is especially true with your teeth. Tooth pain is usually the result of long-term damage to the outer mineral layer of your teeth, which can only be repaired properly by a visit to your dentist. The only good home remedy for this kind of damage is preventative brush, floss, gargle and repeat twice daily.

* Herbs and plants. Depending on the severity and exact location of the pain, a variety of herbal remedies have been known to help reduce the amount of discomfort you may be feeling. Very few of these remedies have the backing of solid science, but if you’re really hurting and can’t make it to the dentist, then they’re probably worth a shot.

* Reduce oral tobacco use. Smoking, chewing, and using snuff are all strong predictors of gum disease, which tends toward the very painful. Avoiding these products can boost the health of your teeth and make those visits to the dentist more pleasant and infrequent

Heartburn and Indigestion
* Don’t eat too soon before going to bed. Lying down and eating are two leading triggers for sudden onset of heartburn symptoms. Put them together with a large meal right before bedtime and it’s asking for trouble.

* Moderate portion sizes. Reflux, heartburn and other related digestive ailments can be exacerbated by large, infrequent meals. Eating smaller portions at shorter intervals is easier for your stomach to handle and also may contribute to weight loss.

* Prilosec. For recurrent cases of heartburn or gastroesphageal reflux disease (GERD), the novel pharmaceutical Prilosec has been proven effective at reducing recurrence over long periods of time. On the plus side, long-term suppression of symptoms. On the negative side, no instant relief Prilosec must be taken regularly for two weeks to get the full effect.

* Antacids. Pepcid, Tums, Maalox, and a variety of other over-the-counter medications can provide rapid relief from the symptoms of indigestion. Make sure to avoid Advil or other ibuprofen-based painkillers for treating any stomach conditions, as this class of medications will only serve to aggravate the problem.

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