childs play house

Home Improvement Projects the Entire Family Will Love

childs play house

Chidren’s Play House


These home improvement projects will help bring your family together around a common goal, and they only require the right tools, and a do it yourself attitude.


By: Shaun Chatman

You probably know home improvement projects can increase the value of your home, but did you know they can also offer quality family time? These home improvement projects will help bring your family together around a common goal, and they only require the right tools, and a do it yourself attitude.

Interior Painting Will Liven Up the Dullest Rooms

Painting the family room or a bedroom is perfect for kids ages 8 and up. You’ll need a few paintbrushes or some rollers, a drop cloth and some painter’s tape. Let the kids apply the tape to the door frames and windows, with your guidance. Then set out your drop cloth and let everyone start painting. Give each one of your kids a roller and a section of wall to paint all by themselves so they really take ownership of the project. The adults might want to do the trim to make sure paint is applied properly.

Tiling the Floors Can Add Flare to Common Spaces

Tiling a kitchen or bathroom wall with small tiles that come on a mat backing is something older kids can help with, if you plan ahead. Pre-cut all the tiles yourself, and then lay them out without mortar. Once you lay out the tiles, you can get the kids involved. Mix the mortar yourself, apply it to the wall, and let your kids place the tiles. Help them apply the tiles straight and check it with a level. Get creative, use different color tiles, and let your kids decide how to arrange them.

Build a Playground For the Family to Enjoy

Now, here’s an idea everyone will love. Playgrounds bring hours of fun for the kids, and convenience for the parents since the playground is in their own backyard. You will need advanced building skills, lumber, and the right tools, however. If you have a teenage son or daughter, they can help plan and build the playground. Younger kids can hammer in a few nails under your supervision, or help carry tools to and from the garage. Once finished, relax and enjoy!

Changing Door and Cabinet Knobs

Changing your cabinet or door knobs is a simple way to get your children interested in home improvements. All it takes is a screwdriver and a little know-how. Get the kids involved by letting them unscrew the screws themselves, after you start them. Then just slide out the old knob hardware, and then install the new one. The door knobs can provide additional security, but it’s important to have the ultimate protection on your home. Get a quote from and ensure that your home is properly insured.

Building Shelves to Organize Space

Building shelves is a great home improvement project, and today, using simple shelf kits, you can share this project with your kids. Have one child hold the level while the other makes marks for the brackets. Then, if they are able to handle a screwdriver, guide them as they build the shelving themselves.

All of these projects will give your kids a sense of accomplishment and they’ll feel as if they’ve really contributed to the home. The project will also stand as a reminder that great things happen when everyone works together. Just be sure to insure your improvements to protect them.


About the Author:

Shaun Chatman is a well published author on many authority sites. He lives in Dunedin, FL, and spends his free time playing with his kids or advising friends on tech, gadgets, finance and travel.

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