How to Choose Over-the-Counter Products for Your Hair


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When it comes to over-the-counter hair care products, a high price does not always equal high-quality. Sometimes the most inexpensive shampoos can be your best bet and can make your hair shiny, thick and strong.


By: Jenny Andrews

We all know that professional hair-care products are best, but what happens if you can’t find something that you like or can afford in professional product lines? Are there any products that you can purchase from the department store that will not cause too much damage? You bet there is, but you have to be choosy and have an eye for detail.

When it comes to over-the-counter hair care products, pricey does not always equal high-quality. In fact, the most inexpensive shampoos are often your best bet. We’ve all seen those commercials that claim that a certain shampoo can make your hair shiny, thick and strong from within, but the reality is that there is no shampoo that you can put on the outside of your hair to change its internal structure. Shampoos and conditioners merely mask the problem until your next shampoo.

Knowing this, some hair care manufacturers have started using ingredients that coat the hair strand and remain even after you shampoo the next time. To the consumer, it seems like the product is working because their hair feels so much better. But what they are really feeling is the build up of these materials, and extreme build up is responsible for hair breakage, spotty color jobs, inability of hair to hold curl and a host of other problems.

This problem involving product build up is your number one concern when purchasing non-professional products. Granted, you might not be able to get a product that conditions as well as a professional product, but you’re not going to do any damage to your hair if you use the non-professional product. So, that means that you must keep your eye out for products that can build up on your hair and avoid them at all costs.

Avoiding hair sprays and gels that build up on your hair is fairly easy. You can almost tell that something is horribly wrong the first time you shampoo your hair after using the product. The tell, tale white gunk and flakes tell you so. But when it comes to spotting build up caused by shampoo and conditioners, the signs are not as obvious.

The first thing that you should watch out for is the feeling that your hair has already been conditioned after you shampoo it. Most of the time, you will be able to feel a coating on your hair when your hair should be squeaky clean. You can also check for product build up by running the sharp edge of a pair of scissors down a section of hair. If a white gunk appears on the scissor blade, that’s build up.

Fortunately, most of the products that can build up on your hair are the more expensive products. These are the products that claim to work miracles and make your hair strong enough to be used as a tow cable. So, if in doubt, stick with the tried and true hair care products that contain only the essential ingredients.



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