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6 Last Minute Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling at peak holiday times can be chaotic. By thinking ahead and making a few adjustments, you can save yourself frustration and enjoy the journey. Here are a few travel tips.

Make a “last check” list a few days before your departure.
Add items such as “water plants”, “turn down the thermostat” and “arrange for mail delivery”. No matter how much of a seasoned traveler you are, you can easily forget important items when your mind is skipping ahead to your travel.

Place your documents, phone, medications and keys in a secure place in your carry-on bag.
If you’re renting a car or staying in a hotel, keep the confirmations handy on your phone or a spot where you can quickly located them. This will save you from scrambling when you’re trying to recall the name of the rental car company or the name and address of the hotel you booked.

Pack a nutritious snack and put it your carry-on bag.
Flights are often delayed, especially at peak travel times. You may not have time to get to a place where you can buy food and even if you do, the other 100+ passengers will also be here.

Place an empty water bottle in your carry-on bag.
We all know by now that bringing your own water through security is taboo. You can get around that by filling your empty water bottle after you have gone through security screening. Drinking fountains can usually be found next to the restrooms. You can also buy bottled water if you don’t mind spending $3 -$5.

Wear comfortable non-slip soled shoes.
Even the smallest airports are set up so that you end up doing a great deal of walking. Moving sidewalks are a bonus but not always where you need them. If you’re making a connection, your time might be limited due to delays. Leave those stilettos at home or pack them in your suitcase.

Identify a meeting spot if you are being picked up.
Airports can be confusing places and parking is often expensive. Most drivers try to locate their passengers somewhere near the “arrivals” area. Consider how many flights are arriving around the same time and how many people are pouring out the doors “en masse”. Arrange for a quieter meeting place. The “last door” on the departures level is often least busy. This last travel tip will save you endless time and frustration.

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