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drink water

Drink Water


Evaluate your everyday diet and health decisions for small lifestyle changes that will create big financial savings in the long run: 2 Essential birds with one stone.

By: Donna Bloom

If you’re struggling financially, a lifestyle change can help your wallet stay fuller. Are you continually dropping cash for prescription medications? Do you visit your coffee shop daily for a sugary latte and pastry breakfast?

Evaluate your everyday diet and health decisions for small lifestyle changes that will create big financial savings in the long run:

Drink Water

Prioritize the liquids in your life and eliminate high-calorie, sugary beverages. Our bodies are built to function most efficiently by drinking water because it’s natural and provides the following benefits:

Extra cash will gradually accumulate as you buy less soda and juice. Your bodily systems will improve, which leads to less costly doctors visits and long-term health problems. Water helps prevent kidney stones, liver disease and muscle pain that require expensive treatments, remedies and therapies, according to liversupport.com.

Boost Your Immune System

Fight colds and the flu by cutting back on prescription drugs and boosting your immune system. Visiting the clinic and pharmacist for ailments weighs heavily on your budget. Rising health care premiums, co-pays and prescription medication can add up expensively.

Generally, the healthier you are the lower your insurance and health costs. When you live a healthy lifestyle and improve your health, you can drastically improve your coverage and costs for healthcare. Research the different discounts and perks you can get by comparing different insurance providers on sites like InsuranceQuotes.org or other reliable resources that can help you stay informed.

For disease and sickness protection, improve your immune system by adopting healthy decisions such as:

  • Eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables
  • Engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Eliminating sugar
  • Sleeping 7 – 9 hours every night
  • Taking natural herbs, such as astragalus and elderberry

Stay Active and Exercise

Engage in an exercise routine that will reduce stress and create a stronger body, which leads to less illnesses. Eliminating stress and anxiety through exercise reduces the amount of over-the-counter and prescription drugs that you have to pay for such as Advil, antidepressants and beta-blockers.

Daily exercise is also a healthy and money-saving replacement for renting movies and meeting for happy hour — activities that can really add up. These budget-friendly exercises are social, simple and can drastically improve your current and long-term health:

  • Walking, running and hiking: Prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity with 30 minutes of activity a day. Reserve this time for spending time with your family at the park or extending walks with your dog.
  • Playing a team sport such as basketball or kickball: Create a social environment where you’re surrounded by individuals who share your same healthy interests. Make a roster at work and play games at a nearby YMCA or join a seasonal team for a one-time entry fee.
  • Internet, TV and DVD exercises: Follow an exercise video or learn a workout routine from YouTube or a TV program. The library is another great resource for free workout videos. All types of exercises are offered through DVDs or online streaming, including strength training, yoga and Zumba.

People who have active lifestyles are also more likely to practice healthy habits in all aspect of their lives. As you start to see and feel positive changes in your body, you’ll want to enhance those changes with proper nutrition as well. Cutting useless foods such as snacks, desserts and fancy beverages from your grocery list can have a significant effect on your budget. From a smaller grocery bill to less doctors visits, you’ll see the savings add up.

About the Author:

Donna Bloom is a former yoga instructor. Donna decided to turn her energy toward making recyclable, comfortable and affordable clothing for yogis and runners to enjoy. She loves talking about sustainable fashion.


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