Looking for Bargains? Try the US Government

 Looking for Bargains? Try the US Government

Did you know that each year the US federal government sells billions of dollars of surplus, seized, forfeited and exchange/sale assets?

By: Natasha Morgan

In September 30, 2005, GovSales.gov was launched to make it easier for citizens and businesses to locate government assets for sale and to effectively improve the promotion of government sales through a centralized, citizen centered website and additional advertising.

The GovSales.gov website is a one stop shopping navigation tool that provides access to all property offered for sale by linking all approved Sales Centers in one place.

To take advantage of these sales, you can go to GovSales.gov and check out what’s being offered.

By navigating through the tabs, you will find what is available through “Live Auction” and “Internet Auction“.

Tabs or Categories:
Houses, Buildings & Land, Farms, International Real Estate, Vehicles & Parts, Aviation & Marine, Computers, Electronics, Communications, Office, Medical & Dental, Industrial, Clothing & Personal, Household Goods, Jewelry & Collectibles, Sporting Goods, Books & Music, and More.

How to Search:
There are several ways to search for an item. For personal property, by clicking on the desired tab, subcategories of property will be displayed. Also, the search engine will be displayed for that category. For real property, clicking on the tab will allow you to search for property by location.

To Place a Bid on the Internet Auction:
You must click on the item that you want to place a bid. This will take you to the Sales Center site offering this item. There, you must register with the Sales Center in order to place a bid, or purchase a product. Once registered, a bid button will be displayed for each item.

Sales Centers:
Different agencies have developed expertise in different methods of sale and/or sales of certain commodities. Based on this demonstrated expertise, Sales Centers are granted authorities to only sell certain types of property or have specified methods of sale.

For more information and an updated list of goods visit: GovSales.gov. the Official Site to Buy US Government Property.


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