Love vs. Fear: Motivators for Change

Fear vs Love

Fear vs Love

Flipping from an outlook based on fear to one based on love is not always easy and takes awareness and practice. Center yourself and listen to your heart.

By: John Edward

During these turbulent times there appears to be a greater polarity than ever before between two major energetic forces. Although you might assume at first that I am talking about Good vs. Evil, but the two motivating forces that I believe drives us are much more complex: Fear and Love. Fear is powerful motivational tool exploited by just about anyone who thinks they can profit from it including politicians, advertisers, the media, and even religious leaders. We are relentlessly inundated with these negative messages, and it affects us energetically, especially when we are not paying close attention.

Thankfully, love is an extremely potent motivating force as well, but somehow similar to the way good news often takes a back seat to bad news, fear tends to be louder, spreads quicker, and sells more. So what happens to your energetic wiring as you pick up and absorb the energy around you? Are you approaching life from a fear perspective, frequently trapped in worry or doubt? Or are you adopting a more panoramic loving view that is rooted in living intuitively from your heart? As you might imagine, flipping from an outlook based on fear to one based on love is not always easy and takes awareness and practice. The process can get even more complicated as you apply it to your everyday life. A person can have the best of intentions that originate from a place of love and yet quickly assume a fearful posture when confronted with anything out of their comfort zone.

I realize that fear is sometimes a very useful motivator and during moments of survival and crisis it is an instinct that can literally save your life. But as a general rule when I think about all the clients I have seen over the years, it is clear that fear tends to paralyze more than empower. The fear of failure and the fear of rejection are extremely potent deterrents, and although there are times when it is wise to heed these fears, more often than not they just stop you from reaching for your dreams. It is normal and healthy to weigh all our options and explore every opportunity or potential, both negative and positive.

False Evidence Appearing Real

The glitch in the system occurs when fear gets in the way and creates a blockage of some sort. When we stop our energy from flowing we become stagnant, just like putting a car in park. Some of us sit idle, perhaps waiting for something to happen, and then eventually run out of gas. The obstacle of being caught up in self-doubts or endless questioning is a game that people play with themselves. They are allowing fear to keep them void of a direction. Just move. Move in a direction and stick with it. Center yourself and listen to your heart.

There is no one right way to go about switching over to the Love Principle; it’s a shift of perspective that will take some practice and patience, but if you try it out for a couple of weeks you will begin to see an amazing ripple effect. Make a game out of it by thinking of ways to reframe your fear into love. For example, perhaps you are fearful about the future of the planet and find yourself worrying about global warming and dwindling resources. Fear immobilizes you and has you inaccurately believing that there really isn’t anything you can do.

But, Love wouldn’t say that. Love rolls up its sleeves and looks for a way to help. Next thing you know you are volunteering to clean up a local park and meeting like-minded people that are making a positive difference in your community. Not only do you feel better about your neighborhood, you feel more empowered and connected with your heart, no longer alone and feeling hopeless. Where love is concerned the possibilities are endless.

The Power of Love

Being in control and creating balance in your life is key for your personal growth. Developing into the best YOU possible, and utilizing your intuition can help you to understand the energetic flow of the Universe and how it impacts your life. If you disconnect from the restrictive powers of The Fear Principle and shift your thinking, The Love Principle will begin to immediately transform within and therefore evolve all around you. When you find yourself on the brink of fear remind yourself: “I am surrounded by the white light of love and divine protection.”

© 2010 John Edward
, author of Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life

About the Author:
John Edward, author of Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life, is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, author, and lecturer. On his internationally syndicated talk shows, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country, he captivated audiences worldwide with his unique abilities to connect people with loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side. John has appeared on many other talk shows, including the Today Show, Oprah!, and The View, and has been a frequent guest on CNN’s Larry King Live. He is a regular guest on morning radio, including New York’s WPLJ and Los Angeles’ KROQ. John has been featured in articles in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, People, and Entertainment Weekly. John is the author of several New York Times best-sellers, including Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories and What if God Were the Sun? He conducts workshops and seminars around the world, and is the founder of the metaphysical website John lives in New York with his family.

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