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Mineral Makeup Does Wonders for Aging Skin

Shopping on the internet is great but without actually trying Mineral Makeup, would I be able to choose colors that are suitable for my skin shade.

By: Natasha Morgan

I’ve seen it advertised and wondered if it really was different from conventional makeup. The problem was that I couldn’t just go to a department store and locate a mineral makeup counter where I could ask questions and try their products. I procrastinated until I ran out of my usual brand and found that it had been discontinued and replaced by a more expensive foundation. That did it for me! If I had to change, now was the time.

>Fortunately, we live in the age of the Internet where I could search for answers. I found that there are many brands of mineral makeup and numerous places from where to buy it. However, not having tried it, how would I know if it’s worth the money and what colors are suitable for my skin type.

After further research I selected a brand that appealed to me which was Jane Iredale, and found that it was sold in spas and dermatologist’s offices. I called and made an appointment to sample some of their products.

Entering the place, I was a little wary as I expected the price tag to be fairly high and did not want to waste the specialist’s time. I have seen skin creams that cost hundreds of dollars and I certainly wasn’t prepared to spend that kind of money.

I was pleasantly surprised as they instantly made me feel welcome. The skin-care specialist asked me to remove all makeup that I was wearing so she could sample the products on my face. I had expected that she would dab a little on the back of my hand and then tell me how much it cost.

In a matter of seconds I saw my “new” face in the mirror. It was hard to believe that a few brush strokes across my face could make such a difference. She applied foundation and blush in powdered form and I was sold. I knew instantly that I could never go back to the conventional makeup that had been my mainstay for many years.

The biggest and best surprise came when she told me how much it cost. I was cringing on the inside, expecting the worst and it turned out to be the same price as my previous makeup which was Lancome. Happily, I purchased the foundation and blush and received a gorgeous little bag with some extra items to try.

Mineral makeup is a blend of minerals and pigments which are micro-pulverized to form microscopic flat crystals. It boasts the following benefits:

  • Will not block pores
  • Virtually no allergy risk
  • Sun protection – up to SPF 20
  • Water resistant
  • Complete coverage for skin conditions like acne and rosacea
  • Rarely needs touch up during entire day
  • Won’t crease or smear even when exercising

As I mentioned, there are several mineral makeup brands available. You might want to sample one of them. I can only recommend Jane Iredale through my own experience.

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Photo:Christian Mackie