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Mobile Apps in Health Care

Applications used in health care are vitally important, particularly for someone suffering from ill health. You can search for apps that would benefit you most.

By: Alicia

Mobile Phones have evolved from devices used only for wireless phone calling to sending text messages and innumerable other applications. Most business people could not cope without a smart phone and many have given up their land line altogether. Technology has improved at such a rapid rate that these small hand-held devices are capable of performing the same functions as full size computers. Applications used in health care are vitally important, particularly for someone suffering from ill health and the ageing.

You can do a search for apps that would benefit you most. Meanwhile, I have outlined a few here:

IPhone’s Siri app:

Siri app on an iPhone is a personal assistant known as a knowledge navigator. The user speaks in a natural language to make a requests, seeking any recommendation or getting directions for the nearest restaurant. This app can be very useful for the deaf or people who are hard of hearing. The instructions are sent by voice messages. “Ask Siri to do anything” in your normal talking voice. The voice recognition software is able to understand your commands and replies with an audible answer.

Pill Reminders:

We can all forget to take our pills occasionally, whether it be an anti-biotic or a vitamin tablet. For those suffering from life threatening illnesses, skipping your medication can be dangerous. A diabetic must have timely doses of insulin and many other chronic disease sufferers require regular prescription medication. A Pill reminding app is a memory assistant that can literally save your life.


If you enjoy travelling and visiting new places, a Triage app can help you in unforeseen circumstances. You can find the location of the nearest hospital and even check out the availability of patient rooms. This could be a boom in cities with crowded hospitals and the application is completely free.


If you own a smartphone, you probably carry it with you every time you go out.
With a pedometer app, you can automatically track the distance you have walked. By setting yourself goals, such as increasing the distance you cover or your pace, you can improve your body fitness. Even small adjustments can result in weight loss and reduction in blood pressure.

Such mobile applications are useful in our day-to-day life. There are many tools that can be downloaded through app stores.

Even loans that help you when you are in need of cash or any other support can now be done completely online.

Do some research and download the apps that would most benefit your lifestyle.

About the Author:

The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs at financeport.

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